Gift from Greece

This is especially for Outosego. A man, a legend of these places, who does me the honour of his virtual friendship.
He’s a little in pain, he needs strength and courage, friendship.

So, as all those who know him have been able to share his immense love for this country of origin, I thought that a gift from Greece could put a smile on his face.
The first post I read about him was about Greek donkeys.

Why was it that post that I read? I can’t tell. But after I read it, I went to get lost for a few afternoons in his “world”.

Go see him, it’s a prolific & amazing world. At the end of each post this great lover of art and beauty leaves us with “Let me play a song“, which he chooses for us.

It’s here : OUTOSEGO.

You won’t be disappointed by your turn in this extraordinary virtual treasure trunk that he piles up and intertwines with delights.

So here is, for him and for those who pass by, lovers of Greek arts, beauty and beauties, a small sample of the country’s music.
Have a nice trip.
And good luck, my friend.

An thymitheis t’oneiro mou – Υovanna
Anastaseos imera – Holy Saturday Day.
Marino Marini – The Honeymoon Song

A little virtual trip ?

Santorini –
Greece … seen by its nature … source of all culture

Of course, the day ALTAIR will talk about Greece, it will be a feast full of musics, dance, plays & sweets

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14 Thoughts

  1. I spent 3 weeks in Greece one summer just traveling about. I loved everything, the food, the music, the countryside, the people. I would go back in a flash. Thank you for your post as it gave me another taste of perfection. Sending you love ❤️

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  2. Barbara, i thank you from the deepest depths of my heart. Today was a hard day and this is what i’m gonna have to face from now on. As much as i have prepared thyself for whatever may come, i will wait for a miracle to come.

    I’m angry, disappointed and many more. But on the other hand i’m happy i met people like yourself, people of my generation -the last one, i think- with depth and full of talents and this is a miracle on its own. The last one.

    All the wonderful memories from childhood is something i owe to my grandparents who were saints. I learn to love and respect nature and animals. Part of the creation of my world is something i owe to them. Another part of my world i owe to my studies and curiosity and to everyday people, common people of God with pure but rich souls, always there when you need them to give and give and give.

    Of course there are many more i would love to write, but i think i won’t write something new or different from what someone else has to write. We are the stories, though, for as long as …

    I wish you great health, happiness and longevity, and luck, much of luck. I can’t thank you enough for your appreciation.

    Your ethereal friend, Outosego.

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    1. ❤ My friend, I'm glad you could take the time to write to me. And touched by the news you've given me. For my part, I believe in miracles, in joy, in the flower on a tree branch you see through the window.
      I have twice experienced suffering and the prospect of my end: Algeria is the country that has taught me everything. There was no medicine, a miracle was needed. And I believe that it was the tiny flower I saw from my bed that made me want to go on living, while my body begged me to stop. I felt like continuing to see the world, its colours, its animals, this permanent miracle of life that is simply struggling to exist. I hope that you also have, near you, a flower growing on a tree, a bird that passes by, the sky and its big clouds, its beautiful stars that help to spend the hardest nights, a cat that comes to comfort you, a friendly hand. And you see, I, who had never thought of setting foot in America, I believe I will come to celebrate your victory with you. I'll bring you wine from my house (and I hope the customs officers will let me pass this gift! ) Courage, continue to love life my friend, it is so beautiful – even if it is very hard!

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  3. Outosego, as he is known and loved by hundreds or thousands I don’t know how many, is the best friend a person could have, in and out of the blogosphere. Every day I pray for him — in my own way, not prayer exactly but psychic energy and healing, to feel better and get better and if it takes a miracle, then I fervently pray for that.

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