I-M. F. 2

Impossible-Mission. Festival / Screenplay 2 : The Villain.

As a continuation of my preparatory reflections on the script for this festival, which is part of the major axes of entertainment for Altair.
The idea is to build festivals ‘on a scale’ , spread out over time.

For this festival to be worthy of its name, I think it’s important to make the spectators live a real Impossible adventure, in which all the shows will be spread out.
Therefore, instead of having shows distributed by theme, a little randomly, they will be shows to see to have all the threads of history.

I’d stuck with it: to have a good story, you need a good villain.

It’s a class I love to do with my students: what’s a good villain?
It’s not someone you can see right off the bat. A good bad guy doesn’t have a “bad guy face.”
Nor is he a sadist or a pervert (these types of villains have been worn out by American productions).
He uses the tricks of ancient armies: he leaves witnesses, who will report his actions, amplifying them.
He chooses as his victim the most innocent, the sweetest, the one he has no reason to choose: except that it will horrify the others.

The ideal, because we won’t be able to make him go back, will be a bad guy convinced he’s in the Good.

You find this type of villain in a number of Japanese anime: Kira for example fights for Justice in Death Note – and he becomes bad, dark, because he is in an absolute. Rohan Kishibe is a mangaka character, and to be the best writer, he doesn’t mind going to the “wrong side”. (Yes I know, a character created by Hirohiko Araki, for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.) It’s an interesting genre, because it’s still under development.

I have the plot of my character.
Now I just have to flesh it out.

For him to be striking, he’ll be beautiful.
To be surprising, he will be funny – very few (if any) villains are funny and comical. But an evil character who laughs is even scarier than an icy character.
To make him unrecoverable, he will fight for “the good”.
In order for him to be terrifying, he won’t act too much – and I will (alas, that’s my story) take care to apply the innocent’s instructions to make my villain rise very high.

To make him fit “for” Altair and the virtual worlds, he will be a figure of the Dark Net.

He will have to destroy Altair Twin to achieve his goal.
So we’ll have to stop him from succeeding.
Especially since the Festival will celebrate the fusion of Altair – real and Altair-Twin, virtual.
To destroy one is to destroy the other.
Thank you JoJo! (sorry, I’m a fan too girly sometimes) – But Jojo has familiarized us with the fairy tale of a double character, one real and the other spiritual: to kill one is to kill the other.

Now; we’ll need a hero to match that villain.

It will be l.M- Fpart 3

Next, the engine
Finally, the adventures that make it possible to integrate the shows.

And in the end a Festival like I want to see one.

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Featured Image : Rohan Kishibe – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4 : Diamond is Unbreakable (in a Crazy Town) – by Hirohiko Araki,

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