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It was such an obvious idea that it took me months to find it.

An obvious fact that just jumped in my face, while I was grumbling while watching videos.

I don’t know which one of you is lucky enough to be able to go out again, to the show, to the coffee shop, to the restaurant.
Us, nothing. France is closed.

So I was daydreaming about a show to order, in which there would be all the arts I love – and I was admiring the Tango dancers again.
How I would have liked to know how to dance that.

And then, paf! The revelation. “Paf” is very French, no ? Bam, boom, what you want. Paf – the shock.

I – on this subject it’s “I” – have only imagined virtual reality for one person.

But what a mistake! What madness, what a stupid girl I am.

Of course for two.
Imagine this: You’re here, both in love, and you like it when it pulsates.
And, for instance, this virtual thing that isolates you, it’s no good.
But if you are two on the same show, in two “virtual places”, well, it can become a very exciting experience.
And I even know very well where I’ll put you crazy lovers in that show.

Can you guess where I’m gonna put the two of you during this splendid Tango ?

Level 4 – Heroic

http://Celeste Rey y Sebastian Nieva

If you can’t guess, you’ll have to wait for Altair Twin.

Or maybe looking at this one which is absolutely worse from my point of view? You’ll figure it out. I trust you.

Level 5 : Legendary .

2017 Facundo Pinero y Vanesa Villalba

I’m not going to try – it’s a shot in the arm to have a heart attack.

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