I-M.F. 5

Impossible-Mission. Festival / Screenplay 5 : Dosage

Since I’m not supposed to be a screenwriter here, I’ll share a few more thoughts with you. Then I think it’s best to stop flooding you a little bit…
Even if I have to say that this is the first time I do this, writing my preparatory dreams instead of kneading them in my head for days as I usually do. Well, it allows me to move forward faster.

The point I have to pay attention to is that my story is less important than the different shows that will be presented.

It’s really a matter of dosage.
That the artists at the opening serve the plot, yes.
And at the closing, too.
On the other days, I have to reverse it.

I quit last night with a Dance show that’s gonna disrupt my bad guy for day two. This show must exist “for its own sake” and not just to help my story. Do I make myself clear?
For the audience, it will be nice to have a choice: they can go and see the show live and have no control over the story line – they can be shown a montage of what happened during the day.
Or they will participate – more or less – in the game of battle, by witnessing motion capture, or playing, or even using my last great idea of E.Xtreme VR experience. Thus you’ll have to be able to “see” flaws and report them to the dancers live – And as I’m past the age of naivety, if nobody finds the flaws, there will be a “fake” spectator who will be able to give the flaws in due time.

For actors, it will be an experience of immersion in real time and improvisation, in the “heart” of the audience. I know some of them who are already… ready!

Of course it’s a Festival, and there will be a lot of shows a day.

The best way to make it all make sense is to think about everything first.
In particular: which shows for this Festival?

What I’ll do is I’ll order shows that can fit into the game: I’m thinking of a 2/3 – 1/3 split.
2/3 have been convinced by my villain that we must return to a more humane and healthy civilization.
1/3 will be with the hero.
Obviously, this won’t be “written on the door” or on their foreheads.

So that’s going to lead my Perseus to go to all the places of the Festival – public places, private places, rehearsal rooms, to find out who’s with us, who’s betraying us.

Better : by correctly using the applications of the moment, all the spectators will be able to participate in the investigation, to photograph, film, look for clues, hear strange sentences, etc.

Of course, there will be no neutral companies.

So everything converges.
Once a day, there will be a big 25/30 minutes focus on Perseus and Villain – each time in a different part of the Festival. This will lead to the climax – and the end.

Not so bad. Not down to the ground yet, but with potential.

Well, I think you’re all tired of my Festival, which doesn’t exist.

Tomorrow I’ll talk about something else.

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