Hirohiko Araki

This man is the most brilliant screenwriter there is.
There are millions of articles about him, and I’m no good at biographies.
But then, as Master – he just sits there.

I’m rarely surprised when I watch a movie – at the same time it’s normal / it’s reassuring for me .
And then him – from his second season on – but I was bluffed.

He’s the creator of the JoJo ‘s Bizarre Adventure series, which I can’t stop talking about – because I’m traumatized!
In the end, there were two references that came as a big surprise: there was Mission Impossible III – where we arrived late, we thought for a second that we had entered the theatre “at the end of the screening” – we had a fight, we split up. Seriously, I was fooled – and it’s a funny feeling when you’re a spectator.

And Araki, so he dares everything. I was terrified in my seat 3/4 of the time – totally caught up in the game, wondering how he was going to come up with a great idea that would save his heroes (and me) from disaster. And the best part is that he always finds it. Because he has no limits.
Sometimes it’s a bit too much.

This guy kills his characters like I kill mosquitoes. No mercy, go on we move forward and we’re standing there, horrified, thinking “But what? But no!”
To the point where I absolutely refuse to watch or read season six.
This is too much for my sweetheart.

And yet…I watched season 1 (pushed by my last son who called me old), it was good – pretty good. And here and there were times when I was amazed: “Nice, guy, good idea, total respect.” But I wasn’t hooked yet.

And then Season two. All the barriers of correctness and “we say this and we don’t say that” have been broken down, and that’s when pure happiness begins.
There’s everything, a hero who flees, Nazis, almost naked Aztec gods (not bad to look at, by the way), the inqualifial music of the Pillar Men (those famous gods); a story finally quite simple but at the highest level because of that: no limits.

If the anime is so excellent, it’s because in addition to the drawing, there’s the music – and this music is pure energy – live epic.

I have the impression that you will realize that I lack delicacy …. but the wonderful series of punches,: it enchants me every time.

I’m not saying that for nothing.
I’m still in the process of developing my wonderful script : I-M. F.
No, I won’t be sharing my favourite scene. I did that once : a whole film I made up for the only actor I absolutely respect – I wanted to propose to him to change his register completely once time . I had friends and pros read my Scene: the one I wanted to see this movie for. It was based on the principles of Buster Keaton comedy – just one scene – and I wanted to know if it worked, if it was funny. It worked, they loved it. Well. I stopped. It was good. Impossible to write the rest of the screenplay, I only had the complete sequencing of events. I didn’t send anything. He didn’t exactly play a pure “comedy” act. Anyway, it’s not important. He really doesn’t need me to be excellent !
So, this time, I don’t share it. You’ll come see this.

And if I would never have the insolence to beg Mr. Araki to do this scenario, in any case, I’ll take from him what I loved: no limits.

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