“Somebody loves your blog” Award

“Drumroll please.”

So now… I’m going back to drumming!

This splendid mention was offered to us by Crystal Byers and just the title of this Award alone warmed my heart, as it is hard to imagine.

It’s been a little year since I (especially me, now I write the drafts of my friends, with my so charming English) discovered your blog universe. We wanted to make a cool site to explain what we offer, going into all the details.
Of course, which of us (9 last year, 11 now) knew that there was a blog Reader and that we could go and see you and subscribe? None of us did.

I’ve discovered a lot of treasures here.
Many splendid poems.
Photographers… wow – amazing…
Literary and totally extravagant potter
Cooks that make me salivate at every article (Rozina I’m going to cry at the end, what you’re proposing is so delicious).
People whose work has amazed me, enchanted me, seduced me.
And above all, people for whom sharing is essential.

Since I discovered Crystal’s blog, I have become loyal to her, I know a little better her person, her family, her friends, her adorable little dog for “cat girl” – me the French, I met an American literature teacher – so I love her ! And when she started playing the word game, it was huge. (may I say “huge” ? – I don’t think so ! )
And Crystal taught me one important thing: she told me that she liked discovering “the person under Altair”, when I told a little bit about who I was in an article.
From my point of view, I don’t count in this story. I expect the theatre to exist without me and it will surely exist without me.
I am a cog in Altair’s wheel.

Well, for Crystal’s sake, I’m lifting the veil on “the girl behind Altair”.

So this girl here, that’s me. I’m not pretty at all, I don’t like pictures – and this post will self-destruct in a few hours.

In the Featured Picture, you can see our current theatre, during the party we organize in June to present the coming season. The girl is me. The guy is Pierre, the one who knows just about everything when it comes to music (he is not my boyfriend, we’re French: we drink, we kiss – on the cheek, we dance, we laugh stupidly – real French people from France).

Mostly I like to read you.
And I can only ask you to continue: there are those who make me laugh; there are those who make me dream; there are those who show and make people love their country; there are those who live incredible adventures with Muffin; there are those who cultivate me; there are those who help me think; there are those who do everything!

Thank you Crystal. Je vous remercie très très sincèrement, du fond du coeur.

I don’t know how to share this award – but you can be sure that when I come to hang out on your pages, it’s because I am ‘Someone who loves your blog’, so you’ve won it too!


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45 Thoughts

  1. Congratulations pretty girl 💕🤗💕
    I used to have hair like you 😍
    But, now, my mother wants to have rather big hair.
    I really like your work that you share with us💕🌹
    It was so nice to know you little more especially your lovely name, Barbra 💕💖💕
    Well, when I was in my primary school I was more like you 😍
    You could’ve been my twin sister 😍💕😍

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  2. 🙂 ❤ Ok for the twin sister -I'm very very flattered, – considering my age, I must be the old twin cousin, but well it's not too obvious from far !!! ❤ When it comes to hair, I'm a real girl like all the girls in the world: it's never "the way I want it". I just cut it.
    I'm sad it's too short, I'll hide at home or put on a hat!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I just read this post of yours Barbara to see how my princess thought she looked when she was younger 😍 (Saba had sent me the link)
      I am sure she would have looked pretty both ways 💖😍💖

      Why do you think you aren’t pretty my beautiful niece. I love this pic of yours 💖🤗💖

      God bless you both. Love you both

      Liked by 3 people

              1. You are awesome, Barbara. You always make me laugh. I think it will take time for this to happen. I’m pissed because i had more to give and share with all of you, my wonderful ethereal friends. C’ est la vie.

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            1. Hey ! Do you know the bad joke ? I wanted to “bin” the post in two ou three days ( because I don’t like being in the spotslights ) – and now, with all these lovely comments, I’ll never have the heart to it !

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    1. Oh but it’s true, I really enjoy reading you – and you’ve made me think more about myself. I thought you were right, that it wasn’t necessarily the right idea to stay hidden behind a name that will exist – but which is not mine at all!


          1. Thank you, dear, for the compliment. Thank God and thanks to you all i managed to learn a few French words!… xaxa…

            December -and because of the Christmas atmosphere- are always a bittersweet, nostalgic, etc. period of time.

            A period of time to think -not to speak much- and to take a look around, if you know what i mean.

            Liked by 1 person

              1. Thank you, Barbara. I wish you the same.

                I know that this is a difficult period of time for you, your colleagues and profession -which i really admire and respect. I wish to you all -from the deepest depths of my heart- to find the strength and courage to be patient. And to think, probably, on how to move on with some new ways. This is a period of time that your idea and project should speak !

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