The Bad Guys – The Return


In mode: The Return of the King, I’m going back to my keyboard and inventing new worlds. – That’s ok, I once again give up the idea of evoking baroque music, and I indulge – it’s Sunday, – which is what I prefer.

So: my target audience, the strangeness of Altair and everything that will allow me to create Impossible, Legendary and Mythical Festivals that will really be Impossible, Legendary and Mythical.

Which leads me off the classic paths, with my video game fans, my geeks, my creeps.

I confessed in Target Audience that my target audience wasn’t a fancy audience.
However, there are a lot of them. The number compensates, I think, for the lack of wealth.
And they’re adventurous. Pretty funny – well, I’ll skip the eulogy.

But they’re not the only ones who aren’t very popular.
There are also creators who are totally unprofitable.

Bad guys who don’t respect any established code. And they start making games without any outside help. Amazing games. Games with no master other than the game designer.

Come on, I’ll admit, of course,  there are the other “bad guys”. I wonder if that’s not worse for my reputation.

That’s the whole crew that’s editing Star Citizen. : all the guys and girls around Chris Roberts.

The man is a pure video game legend : Wing Commander, Starlancer, Freelancer .

These three titles have propelled him to the top – and have established a real complicity, a real virtual friendship, a real respect between him and his community of players.

As a result, it was his players who financed his greatest idea: Star Citizen. He brought together the best and they left to build THE game.

But on the pro side… they’re like saggoons. They didn’t follow the rules. They’re playing it on their own. They still haven’t finished their game. It’s too big too. Who do these guys think they are? As the game does not end, his opponents are delighted.
But the players have bought their ships.

Yes, they have a bad reputation.

Even if they are the first to have achieved the technical prowess of pure immersion (I’m not too sure of my English vocabulary on this point). Take a look at the pros’ reactions to the GamesCom.

You know why they’re being applauded?

Because they were the first to make the transition from one ‘closed world’ to another without loading time.

That we’re moving from one player’s point of view to another “just like that.”

Then yes, I know.

They are very bad people.
Putting yourself with them is almost like putting yourself against everyone else.

Except I don’t have a side. I have Altair’s side.
I don’t want a theatre that starts chasing Mr. Thing and Mrs. Stuff to please them.
I want Mr. T and Mrs. S to think that Altair can be a real partner.

I’ve already mentioned Star Citizen.

I want to try to “play” this game for one major reason: it’s creative enough and huge enough to try my real Altair Twin experience.

At the end of the end, my idea is this:
The theatre used to be : a trailer, two donkeys, four artists moving from place to place.

It can happen again.
The theatre tomorrow will be a virtual ship, three reactors, a thousand artists, who will move from game to game, from virtual place to virtual place. For ephemeral performances.

And since there are no more limits to appearance, this ship could be a boat in the boat games, a trailer in the ancient games, a truck in the urban games, any mode of transportation in fact – adapted to the game.

What would be incredible would be this: to have agreements with gaming companies.
To have the Altair eagle in the sky of their game two or three days before the show. – Show which will then be a “download content” like everyone has been downloading for a few years. – Put our Eagle where it’s going to land: the ship, the trailer, the boat – in short: the container.
Let it announce the coming of the artists, from such and such a day at such and such a time.
And the day said, the royal arrival of Altair Twin, its shows, its artists.

I know.
You read me and you just thought that girl was a total nut job.
The girl who let go of reality.

I know the objections. I know that the BIG rule in video games is The Boundary.
The game is closed in on itself.
No contact with the outside world.
– Are you kidding me? You know what you’re talking about, lady?
– Yes, yes, I do.

And what I also know is that all the rocks are breaking. It only takes a corner to break them.
I didn’t put the wedge in. Epic Games did. They played an artist from the outside world.

And I won’t be so bad as to say that here and there, a few commercials… may have made it possible… to move the game forward.
I won’t even say that Bottle & Cappy has a visual link to any existing or former company… : it was a nod.

So the rock, it’s already broken.
I know it’s gonna be a Roman job to convince these people.
I know it’s gonna cost three pyramids and at least two giants.
But the future is here.
The Internet wiped out everything, even the rocks.

Can you imagine that? Being the ones who made it up?
The ones who created the “next world” theatre?

I’ll admit I’m a little nuts.
I know how much money is in my bank account – I’m not the one who’s going to have fun building three pyramids and two giants.
But I do know that “it” will happen. Me or someone else, it’s not important.

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Featured Image : by Alexandre Rosa – old boat : raised gun ports, cannons ready to fire

Before these happy outcomes – I give myself Tuesday as the deadline for my worst challenge: baroque music. If I don’t make it, I give up quite cowardly.

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