Dreaming around Star Citizen

Should we introduce Star Citizen?
Well…. The game?

A game built thanks to the players, who believed in the dream of Chris Roberts.
A game that has disgusted everyone, so much Chris Roberts has passed the usual rules.

The game whose most perfect ‘engine’ is the realization of immersion.
A real immersion.
They did it.

2016 – Gamescom Presentation

I know – the overwhelming success of 2016 has not been repeated since. There were so many hopes, so much happiness in 2016, that everyone believed in the miracle of a game that was going to end on its own.
No, I am not in bad faith.

I know, the critics, the doubts, the gossips and everything. We only find that now when we start talking about Star Citizen.

Nevertheless, this game is already revolutionizing all other games.

It will be played online or in classical part.
It proposes to buy his ship. His land. To live in virtuality better than we can live in reality.

It stages more or less safe areas.
Planets and almost complete cities. A real & complete dream !

Star Citizen (by forum teambac.fr)

Okay. Maybe I’m a little bad faith. a little.

But once Star Citizen is finished, it will take 25 years to finish. And even !

And it’s because – or thanks to this huge game, this Titan’s dream – that we dreamed of Altair.
Altair which, in our imagination, would be one of the ships we could meet in Star Citizen.

With, why not, a particular people on board, the people of dreamers. Not necessarily nice. Not necessarily gentle. But inevitably unable to take an interest in their retirement, or to put money aside. Only able to think of the new show too awesome that trots in their heads.

Make worlds complete, realistic, huge, without artists?
Are you serious ?

Obviously, there will be artists.
Illusionists who take all your money.
Singers who make you fall in love.

Dancers who charm you. And during this time, pfft, your cargo, your space-ship, your projects … you will run after!

Musicians who disturb your reason.
Acrobats who save your life
Actors who make you dream, painters who amaze you.

Of course, when Star Citizen is over, there will be artists.

Yes, I want to believe it and see Altair fly from planet to planet, from city to city, with its band of barefoot people, whom everyone applauds and no one imitates.

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