Isn’t that a nice word: Aracaladanza?

It’s a little hard to pronounce.
The meaning is not very clear – it doesn’t matter, there’s the “danza” of dancing, the “aracala” of magic, the R of jumps, so it’s beautiful, so we dance.

All the fantasy of the dance in a word.

Aracaladanza isn’t just a word. It is above all one of the most extravagant and generous dance companies in Barcelona.
They’re Catalan. So they’re completely awesome and completely crazy.

I met them when they got it into their heads to dance to Magritte’s paintings, in Nubes.
And there, you had to dare.
They dared.
And they largely succeeded in their bet. It was absolutely incredible.

They invented a choreography on Jérôme Bosch’s Garden of Delights – and it was wonderful. You see yourself, finding a choreography out of that?

Jérôme Bosh – 1494/1505 – Garden of Delights

For them, it came down to this: PEQUEÑOS PARAÍSOS

Their choreographer is worth the detour – here’s one of his interviews, I won’t reveal it – but I’m telling you it’s worth it :

Aracalandza – work from Joan Miro

They are among those artists you have to have seen, because they have a generosity that goes beyond all limits, because they amaze the world and because artists are worth loving!

Well, it’s not all that.
I, for one, haven’t finished my walls.
I have to go on a diet – I’ve just spent 3 months cooking Breton-style, lots of recipes with salted butter. Now I look at my little blue dress and I cry. Only girls understand this kind of vital problem.

All the tricks I’ve found to get from one day to the next for my Impossible Mission Festival are too easy and I don’t like .
I have to figure out everything I’ve got back in virtual reality.
I have to rewrite the posts on the subject – and refresh the concept, which I’ve greatly improved since the beginning of the adventure.

And I’ve just been contacted by a guy from Silicon Valley. I don’t know how it will turn out, but I’m a bit proud anyway!

In the meantime, if you see them in your shows, go and see Aracaladanza: they are wonderful

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Featured Image : Promotional poster for the show : Nubes – Aracalandaza Company

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