Deus Ex

Deus Ex” is an expression in the jargon of writers and screenwriters.
It is a very old expression, we even kept it from Latin, so much it is often applied to stories.
In its entirety it gives: “Deus Ex Machina“, the god outside the machine.

Initially, among the ancient Greeks, it was a real machine that brought down “from the heavens” an actor playing a god. It was a pitiful trick. The expression got a bad name.

Now, the “god” is the author, the machine is his story.

For authors, when you use it, it’s a bad sign.
The guy, he hasn’t worked on his story enough and he can’t untangle it.
So, no problem, he invents a solution out of nowhere, and it’s done.

In fact, it doesn’t pass at all. Everyone’s appalled.

The Deus Ex is the visible hand of the author in a story.
Normally, the author hides his hands. Just hides himself. This is not a stage job.

The only absolutely excellent author who uses the Deus Ex is Diderot. But he says so. He doesn’t hide as an author, he even comes and talks to you along the way and tells you that, no, the ending like that, it’s rubbish and he won’t write it. It’s in Jacques the Fatalist.

When an author cheats with you, thinking you’re not going to understand, that’s all you understand. You have the right to throw shoes at his head.

On the other hand, when he talks to you and tells you right away that he’s cheating, that you’ve entered his world and that you’re going to play by his rules – and you know he’s cheating – the relationship becomes much more interesting: for a reader as well as for a spectator.

It’s for this notion of playing with spectators that I chose – me alone with my little head – to invent Events, Festivals, under the sign of Deus Ex.

Yes, everything will be cheated. Everything will be fake. Everything will be set up.

But it’s so that you can come and play with us.

The whole world is full of Events where you learn things, where you admire stars from far, far away, where you’re bored like an old rat, and with that you find yourself in the crowd, paying 6 times the price of petrol for water – it’s unbearable.

If Altair is to work, it will only work by operating all the levers: that of its programming, that of virtuality, that of the link with video games and that of “fun”, that of events.

By offering Events that are unlike any other, because you play them, or because you’re part of the story – you’re bound to attract an audience. And a young audience.
And we’ll keep them coming back.

So, if you look in the menu, in the Event section, you’ll find two choices: Deus Ex Machina, where it’s going to play and cheat seriously – my favorite is the : No/Yes Life Festival – a cheating festival, like rarely. I love it. Because I hate to lose. – and the Impossible Mission Festival, where it’s gonna be a three-season romp through the hair.

Deus Ex – Trailer (video game)

Yes yes, Deus Ex, it’s also a video game headline.
Me? I cheated, me????? Never.

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Featured Image : You Cheat ! – by Alon Chou – 2013

4 Thoughts

  1. Deus Ex Machina, this phrase along with so many latin and greek phrases we used to learn and sometimes memorise during our law school preps. you have refreshed my memory through this post. 😀 i am not very familiar with video games but you seem to have utilized well its meaning here. may look cool to gamers.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. ya, most kids are into these sorts of stuff in childhood these days. love your passion.
        The graphics are so good. A very talented creator. it would be great if utilized for some good purposes.

        Liked by 1 person

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