Using Motion Capture – PROGRAMMING

1 – The Dance

Everybody knows Flamenco and nobody really knows what it is.
It’s been associated with Spain.
Some people think of Portugal and Fado.

And then we start thinking about the beautiful gypsies with their incredible ruffled skirts.

For this summer season, I thought it was important to go and see Flamenco – the dance, – the singing – the music; Fado too and all that Portugal has to offer us – in short, what is practiced in my very close European neighbours. Perpignan is so close to Spain that I go more easily to Barcelona than to Paris.

In the theatre of Perpignan, next season we will welcome several Flamenco dancers.

They are … SPLENDID !
They have managed to keep the popular soul of Flamenco by adding such a mastery of the dance that I remained amazed.

Flamenco is not a ballroom dance. It’s not an academy dance. It is a dance of the heart. A dance of the street, so to speak without anachronism.

We don’t always need words to express our feelings.
Words are so small.
You forget them so quickly.
Look, when I say : Thank you. Two tiny words that don’t contain the full force of my gratitude.

Dance gives our feelings that strength.
Flamenco says: pride – strength – sorrow – love – impatience…

And you don’t need words to get hit in the heart.
Look instead:

Rocia Molina in “Impulsio” – based on playing with rhythms, on freedom, on creativity
Want to see modern Flamenco ? La Serena
Joaquin Cortes –

And then, because Flamenco is also the game of feet, sounds and rhythm… a little “extra”, with information about their shoes!

Well…. do I have to say something else about video game & performance arts ?

Next week … but what do the Flamenco songs say?

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21 Thoughts

    1. 😀 Hello my friend 🙂 Yes, I’m near the Spanish Border. People here don’t say we’re in France. We’re in “Catalonia Norde” . When I go to the beach, I look at the Pyrenees chain 🙂 our very very old mountain, very very beautiful. 🙂 That’s why I talk about Barcelona quite often …


  1. Just a interesting read. Learnt something new today. Wow you must enjoy the lovely beaches. Such a beautiful holiday site. Your blog reminded me that I always wanted to go to barcelona. Maybe one day I will. Good day🌸💞

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      1. I sure will…I used to follow Flamenco much closer back a few years ago and had many friends in the genre who were singers and I even took some dance classes as well as guitar classes but those people are no longer performing. Last year I saw a great show in Sevilla with some very good people, I posted something on it as well with some pretty good pics…

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  2. Have you seen the movie with Rocio Molina? Flamenco is changing these days, perhaps best exemplified in the documentary Bailaores, in which four artists of contemporary flamenco dance, Rafaela Carrasco, Israel Galvàn, Andrés Marìn and Belén Maya, demonstrate and talk about their interpretations of modern flamenco: a fascinating film!

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