Terra Incognita


Terra Incognita : it’s beautiful, it makes you dream.
Well… it makes you dream from afar.

I want to use it as a new communication concept.

It’s exactly the kind of concept that makes a hit when you present it – and a flop when you try it. – It’s been a long time since I’ve played in suicide mode, had you noticed? –

Since it’s a concept I like – I’m going to exploit it.
But not forgetting the “probable flop”.

The “Unknown Earth”, it’s true, isn’t going to attract everyone.
Especially in this day and age, where anything unknown is necessarily suspicious.
Because we imagine we’ve discovered everything – so there’s no way we’ll ever have to discover it again.
So it’s a concept of communication to be used with caution.

So much for standard precautions.

Now, seriously – because some days I like to face the bulls by the horns – and the problems at the place – it is always necessary to repeat that the programming of a theatre does not attract the public a priori.

That’s why communication and the way of seducing people seems to me to be of prime importance.

If I say to you : Trust me, I’ll make you love :
1 – opera
2 – classical dance
3 – sacred music
4 – contemporary theatre
5 – Victor Hugo
6 – the new circus
7 – the Mass for the present time

I don’t think you’re gonna trust me.

In any case, for me that’s for sure, I hear someone telling me that, I don’t trust him at all.

So we have to imagine ways to make people want to love opera, classical theatre, contemporary circus, Beckett and the strange innovations of music.

The use of excerpts in video games allows me, without warning, to put players in contact with unknown shows: I win a point.

The means of Virtual Reality and all its (brilliant) uses allows me to attract part of an audience completely outside the classical audiences of a theatre: I gain another point.

Messe Pour le Temps Présent – Psyché Rock – Pierre Henry – 1969

But I haven’t won everything yet. Far from it.

I’ve got two “mountains to climb” still.
The first is the most difficult: getting people to take tickets for shows they don’t know about – of which they have no idea – or worse, negative preconceptions.

The second is to get them to take several shows rather than just one.

This is where my concept of “Terra Incognita” comes in. I first thought of it when I thought about how to get people to love baroque music.

It will be a new way to buy tickets.
Normally you buy : the title / the artist(s) / the critics
And I, like everyone else, always buy the same thing.

However, in recent years, we all could have “sold” something other than a title/artist/critic, given the technical advances we have at our disposal. This has not been done.

Let’s do it :

If I propose a “Terra Incognita” purchase mode, you will choose your shows without title, without genre, without artist :
You will choose on : a music extract / a show extract / an editing extract / a Virtual Reality extract when it will be useful.

As you will have accepted to be an adventurer … and that we must salute the courage of the adventurers … the seats taken according to the purchase mode “Terra Incognita” will necessarily be the good seats of the theatre.

We’ll leave 20 for the other modes of purchase. All the other good seats will be bought by “Terra Incognita”.
So, even those who are not too adventurous and who like to buy a title/artist etc… will find their place in this mode of sale.
This will lead them to click on images that will send them music or video or edit or VR.

Once the shows have been selected, it will then be possible to choose the date – if there are several sessions – the number of seats desired – and, before paying, you will have the title, the artist, the reviews…

Or after paying.
Afterwards, it’s more… Adventurer in the Unknown Lands.

And I win my third point.

Above all, in addition to the classic advertising and sales methods, we need to invent a whole bunch of techniques (which are perishable – repetition leads to wear and tear, and wear and tear to boredom).
that can change the a priori “boring” perception of live performances shows in theatres.

It is by drawing on this concept that I will earn all the points – that I will fill the theatre.

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Featured Image : Thierry Balasse Company – Mass for the Present Time – P. Henry – 2016

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