Hello to you

Hello to you ? Yes yes yes !

This is an idea that just jumped out at me – because people follow us, start following us, because we meet via blogs without ever meeting each other – and sometimes, thanks to the comments, we get to know each other better and appreciate each other.

So here’s the post: Hello to you
It’s meant for me to thank those of you who have just arrived here…
So that you can take the floor and share your work & your blogs, sites
Anyway, it’s made to to talk.
If it works, I keep it at the top of the page and if not, well, it’s not serious, we’ll continue to chat like before, as the water goes by.

So, it’s a post to read the comments and not the post.

Hello to you, I’m Barbara, the one who writes the articles that come from drafts of her entire team… You’ll have time to get to know us.

We are going up Altair – Altair will be a “special” theatre and we are very happy to meet you.

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  1. The older ones will forgive me for not mentioning them: but I would like to take this opportunity to thank those with whom I have regular exchanges, profitable for the theatre and the world of arts, exciting and whatever you like: Saba the heart of gold; Crystal my first American friend; Franscico the great Spanish artist; Doree the friend who cheers me up when I have doubts (she doesn’t know she does that!); my great friend Outosego … for whom I pray that the suffering will go away ; Mr Wapojif – an English cheater – even more dishonest than me ; Mr A is a handsome guy from the Philippines who hides a good guy underneath the handsome guy – Ashok who comes from time to time to see his niece’s twin sister, Halbarbera & his whole family of artists , Atul who is…. well : great ! ….

    Ok I stop – it’s a big unreadable comment 🙂 but a lot of people are missing, I haven’t forgotten about you, I’ve noticed those who are here chatting with me lately. 🙂

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