A few more drops of Magic in your coffee?

to enchant your day ? your night ? your heart ?

I love Magic.

But in France, the magic is: NO.
No, we won’t be presenting a magic show.
Nothing to do. It sucks. It’s rigged. It’s taking people for idiots. It’s: always the same thing – in a word, it’s mainstream. It’s not art. It’s ugly and flashy, it’s bad taste

Okay – so I remember that I’m only French by chance.
That there must be liters of bad taste in my blood that the French language hasn’t managed to eliminate.
Because I, stupidly, I love magic shows.

The only one I could see in France was in Paris (yes well… yes it’s the capital anyway), at the Magic Museum, in the 12th arrondissement (if you go there, drop by).

Of course I loved it. Of course I found myself on stage as a guinea pig. Obviously I didn’t understand anything at all, let alone see anything. But I tried.

Everything was exciting: it all started with Houdini’s adventures ( and why didn’t anyone create anything out of this man, who had a legendary life? – I’m not talking about a shabby little film: it should be a work to match Houdini’s style. )
They made us try the trunk of India, we saw bottoms, double bottoms, sets of mirrors: and in spite of everything, nobody in the audience understood anything.

It was… magical.

It seems to me that magic is the deep heart of the show.

I react like the audience: I’m flabbergasted and I love it:

To deny it is horrible.
To do what? Realism? Pouah.

And if the monster Altair comes to life, and I have something to do with it, then yes, me and my bad taste, we will impose magic shows.

Of course, there will be workshops associated with that: you and I will still have to pull a rabbit out of our hat one day.

Doves are a bit difficult for beginners, I think. It’s best left to genius cheaters : Darcy Oake.

Frankly, I’m counting on the rest of you to tell me who the big names in magic are right now. From my home… they’re invisible – because magic sucks and it’s rigged.

That’s all right. Because the most important thing is the show and what we can do with it. Can you imagine that? Setting up Virtual Reality experiments with them? But it’s to die for!!!

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