Altair : 5G Theatre

Altair will be a theatre that will use rehearsal time to create virtual reality contents – and motion capture contents for online video games: that’s what the 5G of our theatre means.

Here is more synthetic than the flow of articles that fill out the Altair website : it’s the summary of the 5 professional files constituted for Altair – in which I don’t do (too much) literature.

In this file, everything that makes Altair original in relation to new technologies and target audiences:

  • The virtual experiences and the new audience of extreme sensations that it targets.
  • The links with Video Games: As we are now ahead of Fortnite, it seems less “impossible”.
    – entries into the heart of the games
    – infinite DLC proposal
    – targeting independent companies for the rental of “perfect moves”.

In this file, everything that allows us to work on a large audience, in continuous development:

  • the programming – on the site, it is discussed in the tab: Reality – : which must be very provided and very varied
  • festivals: those of Deus Ex and those of the Impossible,
    that are worked on in order to maintain the expectation from one festival to the next, and thus increase audience development.

In this file, we have identified all the audiences we expect to reach and all the means to reach them.

We have eliminated very costly and almost ineffective means of communication: brochures, scattered posters, posters in town

We have developed means of communication that are less expensive and … absolutely more effective. I haven’t touched on this point much on the site. I’m not saying everything either.

In this dossier, we have specified the objectives of each of the divisions: Altair and Altair Twin
Knowing that the two are two different entities: one is a place of representation, the other is a place of production of virtual content.
It’s the combination of the two that allows for maximum efficiency and profitability: what happens on the Altair stage is produced by Altair Twin engineers.

Since I got a very complete list of all the things that go against Project Altair – I used it.

I have outlined our answers here. They are more precise in this file, which ends with the only company that has been able to anticipate what we’ve been offering since 2018: Epic Game and live performances in Fortnite since February 2019.

It is these files that allow us to explain, without literature, how we conceive this absolute monster that is ALTAIR – 5G THEATRE.
A theatre and a production company mode : 22nd century.

Home Page

More information about our 5G Theatre concept? Look here : 5G Theatre – Concept

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    Altair will be a #theatre that will use rehearsal time to create virtual reality contents – and #motion capture contents for online #video games: that’s what the 5G of our #theater means.




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