Do you know Leonor Leal?

Sounds classy, like a good old-fashioned American thriller. We’re waiting to see Hitchcock, to be amazed by the beauty of a Garbo – to be afraid for Bogart, in short: we’re waiting for a good film.

All right. That was just my title.
Besides, you’ll agree with me, Leonor Leal, that’s a fine name for a movie.
It’s the name of a very, very, great Spanish artist.

Leonor Leal in Nocturno

If you’re Spanish, you probably know her.
The others, maybe not.

I wanted to talk to you about the meaning of Flamenco songs – that will be next week. Tonight, I fell for that woman. And since she practices flamenco like a goddess, I stay in my theme of the moment.
And the lyrics are out of season, because the great challenge for Leonor Leal and his two comrades was to create a Flamenco show without relying on singing.

And it comes down to this:

The show is called Nocturno

A little more Leonor?

It doesn’t look like anything: she doesn’t wear “the” skirt, she doesn’t have long hair… but as a result, with these codes that she superbly ignores, she gave herself the freedom to create from this very complete art called Flamenco.

And that, yes, I liked that.

And moreover, when she wants to, she takes up the codes: her Mosaicos in green dress is a splendour.

There, you can be sure that she is a truly great artist: she does not transgress “to transgress”. She doesn’t ignore the codes “to be original” – she masters absolutely everything, and as a result, she does what she wants.

This is a lesson that many so-called artists should take for themselves. You transgress when you master. Before, you just show your ignorance and laziness – which is always disappointing to the audience.

And, so that no one loses sight of what Altair is all about… take a good look at her, this splendid artist. Take a good, hard look at her whole body. Look at her companions – look at what moves the most, in the most unexpected way in each of them. And tell yourself that, as soon as I can, I will go and play Virtual Reality in these unexpected places, for a Flamenco like you will never see any other.

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Featured Image : Leonor Leal in Nocturno

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