5 G

It’s time to address 5G for Altair.

Yes yes, I see you. You’re thinking “What does this girl know, this literary, about 5G technology”?

So first of all, the girl – that’s me – spent a few years of her youth studying mathematics and physics.
She wanted to be a fighter pilot, the girl.
Not because of Tom Cruise – even though I love this man, who to me is one of the few huge Hollywood artists – but because of my grandfather, who was an Air Force officer.
When Top Gun came out, the girl had just learned that she was physically disqualified for that job and future. For me, it was the year of the biggest disappointment. I’m telling my life story now, who cares?

So, falling back on the stories was kind of the only solution. But I don’t feel stupid when it comes to science.

Associating, in the name, the 5G and the Altair Theatre has several objectives:

  • Firstly, to arouse curiosity: normally the two have nothing to do with each other.
  • Secondly, it associates the world of the internet with the world of the performing arts from the outset.
  • Finally, it allows us to propose a real and maximized use of this technology.

I don’t know how it’s going in your countries, but I do know that in France, 5G is becoming the icon of evil. It would single-handedly destroy the entire planet.

The problems with 5G would be medical and environmental.
No one in the team is really qualified on these points – but we take these major objections into account.

Basically, 5G allows for an overdrive of the connected flows, to an extent that seems mind-boggling.
For the Altair project, this means the ability to deliver high quality VR content – 3D content and so on.
It means the possibility of having almost countless spectators/players connected simultaneously. This will allow (me) to propose real interactions between spectators and the theatre’s performances, in real time as well
. In a nutshell, only the possibilities of the 5G can really allow the creation of Altair Twin.

If what I (and the theatre technicians) have read on the subject of 5G is correct, the “energy consumption” trials are bogus.
Given the format that 5G offers, it should be able to rationalize overall energy consumption (yours and mine at home, that is). For Altair – which proposes to be a huge theatre, and on two more levels – the subject of energy consumption is a real issue.

Without technological innovations, this theatre will be a bottomless pit of energy consumption – like all theatres and like all film production companies. So, when I am offered a technology that will allow, in a microsecond, to rationalize the energy consumption of the theatre, I say yes (especially since I want to see it in Dubai, which adds an abyss of consumption to have a breathable air and machines that do not overheat … too).

As for the health critic… well, so far I haven’t seen anything conclusive. It doesn’t seem that voice technology is that dangerous.
Maybe yes, maybe no. In the meantime, I’m stuck at home with a good old-fashioned virus – and so are most of you.

Afterwards – if we want – we can all stop the mode: internet, current telecommunications, smartphones, geolocation etc: there we no longer need G, neither 1 nor 5.

We’ll say it’s the eternal battle of “It was better before” versus “It’ll be better soon”. Technology is part of that fight.

In the meantime, I fully support Altair and 5G.

We need it on almost every point of the theatre’s realisation, be it on that of energy or the implementation of a new relationship with the public.

And even a girl with a literary background might be interested in that.

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          1. Yes, last night watching the telediario I hear that news. I don’t know what is going on. Barcelona has been confined again and parts of Aragon and Castilla La Mancha…thank God our Comunitat Valenciana is still in good shape. I just hope that people act with more wisdom and prudence. In any event…oh, I am watching a series from France called “Zone Blanche” I think it takes place in the north of France, perhaps Alsace Lorraine, beautiful forets and rocky mountains with fast moving rivers, an interesting scenery that reminded me a bit of Navarra here in Spain…well, take good care and stay safe,
            All the best,

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