“Beyond Good & Evil”

Where is the Opus number 2?

This game hasn’t come out yet!
I’m going to be a goat.

Okay, this game is Ubisoft.
And, well, at Ubisoft, things are going badly for the management – it looks like they’ve hit a complete iceberg in the control room. Some people have gone overboard – some important people in the company. I’m glad my big contact stayed. So it’s only a little bit bad.
And the coronavirus.
And and and and…

Yes, but in the meantime, we players are waiting.

Yeah yeah, Barbara’s still talking – even though Jean and Leo are close by. And Paul, and Etienne, and Theo, and Robin and Serena, and Chouchoute and… all the people who are close to me and who are rabid gamblers.

I’m not talking about this game on Altair site to rage.
But seriously, this is THE game that I wish I could “play Altair” on.

If you know the first opus, you’ll understand me.

It’s an action-adventure game – but then of an unbridled imagination.
You play Jade – a very beautiful girl with green lipstick – and sometimes her companions.
The story begins on a planet that is trying to resist the aliens: Hyllis. You live in a lighthouse with lost children and your “uncle” Pey’j – and there, no more money for the shield.
And… no more lighthouse.
From that moment on, you’ll be leaving on a very… rustic, homemade hovercraft – it looks like my car… – which breaks down all the time – really my car – and costs you an arm and a shoulder every time you take it to the Mammago Service Garage, run by the most beautiful reggae hippos – by the way, now that I know how to make walls like a real mason, I’ll have to rethink about marrying a mechanic – I’m still not going to learn how to fit brake pads myself! – although I hear it’s easy.

Watch from 4 minute 20 this second video. You will see Jade in a café, in Hyllis, playing against Francis the Shark to take his pearl :

And yes… there’s a cafe in Hyllis. There are lots of secondary characters. It was great coming out.

Do you understand why this game matters to me?

Because in Beyond Good & Evil 2, it’ll be the same, only worse.
There won’t be a planet but a huge open world.
Because all the characters will be incredible.
Because, if there’s one game where the idea of launching Altair is relevant to feed the DLC, it’s this game.

From the very first game, there were Spaces where artists could appear.
In the second opus, there will be an incalculable number of spaces where artists can perform, dressed according to the codes of the game (with the correct skins) since the motion capture only picks up the movements and not the appearances.

This is the trailer of Beyond Good & Evil 2 :

For the story, you can smell the George Lucas fans, huh. Because the Miss Jade that we played so fervently… she’s coming back, and she’s in a weird place! That’s good, usually the players are big fans of George Lucas.

They’ve made progress on the movie side of video games, right?

I understand very well their English…. I don’t know why ? Maybe the accent ?

Progress in everything: staging, animation, entertainment.
So this is: the moment to be there.

They have almost already created the link: it’s up to us to complete the work, by offering them, every month, several excerpts of shows taken in motion capture.

It’s been a long time since I’ve talked to you about video games, right?
In fact, right now, I’m waiting for all my “huge” ones that don’t come out, that don’t come out, that don’t come out… the day they’ll come out, I’ll disappear a bit, I hope you won’t mind.

You see, now, when I play, I work… for Altair!

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Featured Image : Screenshot from Beyond Good & Evil – created & directed by Michel Ancel / Ubisoft 2003

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