On a coconut Island

Altair Nights

Mmmm… it’s the holidays for most of us….
A day to dream about Coconut Island and lazy naps with a handsome lover.

A moment to be outside, because inside, it’s just out of the question.
Sleeping under the stars
Listen to the crickets singing all night long.

But then what? No more show?
Of course there is.

For the periods with mild nights, we’ll have to think about outdoor shows.
There are many companies that have invented: musical naps – and that’s just great.
We just lie there with our eyes closed – and listen in peace….

There are some crazy musicians who propose “sunrises” with music – and there … it’s just magic.

And so… propose the Altair Nights… a few nights a year, where we start off nicely with hidden concerts in the gardens
Where we go to buy – still – food and drink…
Where we spend 15 minutes watching a Magic Show under the stars…
Where we’re gonna dance a little bit, though…

Where we start to comatose while listening to musical naps…
Where you can hear the song of the world while listening to the beautiful voices of contemporary poets.
Where you feel in love
And when the sun begins to dawn and the sky turns pink…
Then the beautiful sound of the violin resounds…

Do you picture that ? You’re somewhere, a little lost, not yet sleeping – but not far away, everything is quiet, the sun slowly is coming and suddenly : her – this young lady at this opening, who tells of a day that will be a whirlwind.

And we’ll have had a dream night.

And, I promise you, it is not for the pleasure of being tedious, but as long as we are inventing a theatre, we might as well invent it fully, with all that goes with it: the pleasure of partying, the pleasure of sweet nights, the pleasure of sharing.

If, every year, we propose a series of Nights on a specific theme, we will have enough to renew the concept easily. Let’s say that, for the first year, the theme will be : Coconut Island. – with a whole series of small shows (small in duration) chosen or created to fit the theme.

What was the slogan? A moment of sweetness in a world of bullies, something like that. That’s a great slogan. I’ll take it from there.

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Featured Image : Maldives – yes yes I too will go to the Maldives one day . After all, I’m still not dumber than the others – maybe I have a worse temper.

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