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If you follow the tech news, you will have noticed the announcement of Asobo Studio‘s latest game: Flight Simulator.

Asobo is a so-called ‘independent’ video game company – that means they’re not big monsters yet. They’re French, and they’re based in Bordeaux, France, about 400 kilometers from my home – ok, that’s a detail that doesn’t matter to you & you’re right.
They worked on the game in direct collaboration with Microsoft – they got all the data and all the technology: and now Flight Simulator seems to be “more” than a game, it’s like professional hardware: I could go and see what it looks like in your town- seen from the sky with my little plane –
Having played the first opus – because my uncle was an engineer at IBM – I felt the technological breakthrough. When I played back then, it was all about having imagination to spare, because I was moving around in a world of grids.
Technology isn’t so bad, in the end – is it ?

Asosbo is also: A Plague Tale : Innocence.
So this game…
If you have nothing to do this holiday and it’s not nice – or too hot – but play it. The South of France in the Middle Ages: you’re in it, with a luxury of incredible details and a technical quality of the image that left me … horrified because we’re fighting rats.

It’s an “indie” game because you’re a guided player in the world: you won’t go walking around on the map like in an AAA game.
There are no main quests and millions of side quests like in AAA games.
It’s a game with only one game: but then it’s a damn good game!
You’ll be a young girl, you’ll have as an essential weapon a base and you’ll start by looking for rocks. And here you go to save your little brother with your courage and your little rock: obviously there are enemies everywhere, usually they are bigger, stronger and more armed than you: it’s all about finding “the trick”. As for the rats… it was despicable.

Here again, as for The Cave, there are ways to work with them thanks to Altair: either by proposing a remake of the story (which is an excellent story to stage), or by offering access to the motion capture library that gives access to character and object movements (yes because of my ideas for Virtual Reality…) that are not common and usual movements.
And them, I’m sure and certain that they will use it to the maximum. Before doing so, we have to establish a price that is as affordable as possible for them.

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Featured Image : Asobo Studio & X Box Game Studios for Flight simulator yes, a company from Bordeaux. I can give you the recipe for cannelés if you want, it’s a delicious sweet, speciality of Bordeaux – where they don’t just make wine.

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