Super Sunday

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I know. It’s not Sunday. I’m not talking about the days of the week at all & I don’t think I have anything to say about this great day of sport in America.

No, no, that’s not my subject.
Super Sunday is also an absolutely incredible show.
A circus show – that’s right, I’m fond of great circus performances.

They are Finnish, their company is called Race Horse & these people are absolutely amazing.

Do you realise that, in our theatre in Perpignan, we almost got into their big swinging machine? Our technical director took the anger of his life that day – and we all ended up feeling morons like kids – the artists went back to rehearsal, we went back to our offices – kids.
Because their machine – seriously, it was really impressive.

Race Horse Company – Super Sunday

When I talk about Virtual Reality and extreme experiences of virtuality, it’s shows like theirs that I thought of from the start.

I invite you to watch the videos, telling you that I’m going to have the crazy idea of putting your eyes in totally unexpected places – and if you like Extreme, remember to look not only at what goes fast but also – and above all – at the place that will present the most unpredictable movements.

Race Horse Company – Super Sunday

Further down, their previous show. They drew attention with it. Look : they’re really, absolutely, very, very, creative – and since they’re young, they have “video game spirit” in their staging.

Honestly, how do we not already exploit that?

Well – I’ll also have to talk a little bit seriously about e-sport. You didn’t think I was gonna miss that, did you?

Well, I’m going to be sad.

I find your lack of faith…

Home Page

mrffmr…. well… ‘think positive‘, that’s it ? yeah yeah, i’m positive.
So : …motivating.
– you see, you’re forcing me to continue to outline the contours of this damn theatre.

All right, I also have in my boxes an application project. I’m only telling you the title: the AA App – it’s not perfected yet. Not at all.

Featured Image : Race Horse Company – Super Sunday


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