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I was hesitating between Nazim Hikmet and Don Quixote, when my gorgeous young son called me yesterday to show me an absolutely amazing video of a Minecraft gamer.

I think you all know Minecraft? It’s this so famous 3D construction game.
It’s a game that’s gone slowly, done by one guy : Markus “Notch” Persson. This one dates back to my first son’s teenage years : 2009. It started out with blocks that were still pretty simple: you’d dig them out, put them together, and then you’d go ahead and build beautiful constructions, in a very… cubic world.
There were zombies attacking you, terrible spiders.
And already there was enough to awaken his creativity and his sense of design.

– I’m talking about this game, I, who’ve never been able to build even one shack. You have to have a good sense of geometry in space for this game. –

The game has been a huge – and well-deserved – success and has therefore improved considerably.
It was quickly possible to set objects in motion, to have railway tracks and roll your wagons for example.

Here are a few examples of gamer achievements.
If you look at this first video, you will notice two things: the first is that most players are making universes/sceneries of what they like in movies and video games. The second is that they don’t count the time they spend there at all.

And then there was music.

Basically, there are now blocks that, when you hit them, emit a musical note.

So you have gamers who are doing purely musical constructions.
They’re strange – huge if the piece is long – and absolutely amazing.

For this third one, the block/music note cutting is even more precise – and even more impressive :

If you want to understand how it works, have a look at this link : Note Block – Official Minecraft

Now here’s my point:

I’ve said over and over and over again that I’m anxious to create a real connection with Altair’s audience.
I think that’s what everyone is waiting for now: many people no longer want to be just totally passive spectators.

People wish to share, to participate, to appropriate the works they have loved. Am I wrong?

In their own way, Minecraft gamers have taken over worlds that they hold dear.
They’ve modeled them with a patience and love that amazes me.
They found the musical themes – they took them up, they arranged them.

Right now, they’re just sitting there, on the net – and in their apartments.
People say they are no-life.
Others say they’re just copycats and not creators (those people should at least be shot – you can be sure they’ve never created anything in their lives, not even an apple pie).
And they have for all recognition of this titanic remake work only likes and views on youtubes.
Since most of them don’t have time to be youtubers, they shouldn’t gain much from it.
They have a few festivals – for the players – and then that’s it.

So, in the series: Programming – I am very keen to be able to select also these ultra-creative gamers.
They think that they don’t have anything to present on a real stage: they actually do, they communicate their work via youtube – and you can visit their work in 3D – because Minecraft is a game.

For instance, we could put the crazy Minecraft musicians in front of the crazy musicians of everyday objects. I’m telling you: it’s worth it, it’s never been seen before, and it’ll draw crowds that don’t normally come to a theatre.

I’m talking about Minecraft because it’s currently the most open of creative games, in terms of artistic creation: about graphics and music.
I know there are lots of other games out there, too – and I’m not going to put up a barrier with Minecraft.

So here is my programming proposal: to the classic theatre programmes, we will have to add everything we can find in the world of geeks and gamers with a connection to the performing arts: music for the most part – but not that, given that these young people are boundlessly creative. And believe me, there’s no need to worry about creation on stage.

But I don’t want to limit myself there.
You surely know that all theatres have “guest” seats (by the way this is a subject that makes me… unpleasant in general).
So okay for guest seats, as long as the guests are not always the same.
As long as the theatre can invite those of its spectators who will have created a work related to the shows or to Altair.
People who would model Altair on Minecraft would definitely deserve their seats.
People who are going to be using sounds from the Altair stage, too.
People who would make awesome sets for us to see on stage, too.

And Altair will make it a point and a pleasure not only to invite them, but to showcase their work.
So it’s not a question of offering them one small event a year –
but of offering them a space where they and their work are really present.

For the presence of the works… you know… it’s quite easy to animate all the dead places of a big theatre with videos… – for example. Ideas like this, anyone can give you a wagonload of them.

This brings me almost naturally to my big “thing” of this month: yes I’m getting it right in my head, the AA App for Altair.
Since you’re smart, I’m not sure I need to tell you so much more. Afterwards, you have something else to do.

Then… I confess… this thing is just starting to come out of my head – there were a lot of things that weren’t right at all – but I’m on the right track.

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Featured Image : Minecraft Note block

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