Altair Twin on the web

So this time I’m going to focus on clarifying better what I call Altair Twin.

To put it simply, I’ve first given you the basics: Altair Twin will be a company producing virtual content from Altair’s stage shows.
I think that’s pretty clear.

But you’ve probably seen, if you’ve read the post or any of my drafts about the Impossible Festivals, mentions of gamers attacking Altair Twin.

Okay. That’s exactly the point I’m trying to clarify.

Obviously, I don’t envisage for a second a real attack by players with their paintballs to the real Altair Twin premises – I hadn’t even thought of that before writing this sentence.
(and now ? do I confess what just popped into my head? … no. What a weird idea !)

I was talking about the modeling Altair Twin – like you can model anything, actually.

Well – so – how dare I tell you what’s on my mind?

I’ll go slowly.

To start with, Altair Twin on the internet is the “website” part that you can’t miss for a company like Altair 5G Theatre.

This is normal.

But, since I have a demonic imagination and I’m bored at the speed of lightning striking the rabbit, necessarily, a classic site, it couldn’t really satisfy me.
And then there’s my history of performing in video games.
Add to that the fact that I can play all night long and you’ll understand how this idea came to me.

Here’s my first thought:
Instead of presenting a 2D site, propose a 3D site.

From here, I move on to what doesn’t exist and isn’t being done yet.
For the moment … what I am going to present to you is still achievable without major difficulties (I am not talking about money of course).

Which means: model a theatre interior – and you can go and talk to the NPC (non personal character) holding the cash register, take your seats and see what’s still available.
View trailers of upcoming shows.
View gamers’ artwork / listen to their music.

Obviously, in this configuration, you move – just like a player in any contemporary game. So you have your “character”. If we go at least expensive, you’ll get a view in FPs, so you don’t really have a character to animate. If you want to “see yourself in action”, you’ll have to choose the TPs view – but then Altair will have to offer a menu to choose your character, at least.
That’s not the Copernicus revolution – not for players.
I’m not talking (not yet) about doing this in Virtual Reality. I’m still almost reasonable.

I thought this was already more fun – and more consistent with what Altair is going to represent.

Of course, I went on with it.

And now, before continuing your reading, I’ll finish my warning: the more I develop my idea, the more I’m going to go into a kind of Science Fiction.
I don’t know if anyone else would be interested in this but me.
I don’t know if you will find it relevant and worth doing.
But I know very well that I’ve gone as far as I can in developing the principle: inventing Altair Twin

Here I was, putting rooms in my theatre interior: those of Virtual Reality experiments.
Which gives: you’re at home, let’s say in your living room.
You want a VR experience.
You put on the Virtual Reality helmet, you literally enter Altair Twin and – for a small fee – , you access the virtual experience that tempts you.
(and there, all the screenshots you want to put back on the AA App).

That wasn’t so bad.
All the more so as I had started to invent the modeling of all those spaces that the public doesn’t know: the backstage, the floors above the stage, the dressing rooms, the technical rooms – and as many NPCs to meet that show you or tell you about the life of a theatre.
So now I know – I’m blowing up all the prices.
And maybe that’s not so important.

But, & some of you know me now, I could go so much further. So I went.

And then, of course, the presence of videogames
I don’t know who’s a player in the ones that read me.
Those who play know that you can spend hours fighting for: a new skin ( I must say that the “Count Dooku’s pajamas” in Battlefront II enchanted me), a new weapon, improvements to your vehicle, possibly a new character, a new map etc..

What I’d really like – as a player – is to be able to show off everything I’ve earned with the sweat of my little hands.
And how can I show off when, in the game where I’ve won all that, there are lots of other players who have it too?
And besides, we’re a bit busy during these games, and finally, the pajamas don’t matter.

I really have to be clear: what I’m proposing now is currently totally impossible.
Gaming companies don’t even consider this betrayal.
I want to offer players, who will have the opportunity to have their character in Altair Twin 3D the ability to transfer it the upgrades they’ve gotten to that character in their game.

This would make the lobby of Altair Twin a kind of special place where players would cross paths with other players from other countries and other games.
Here set up a chat … anyway – it’s long gone, silent cinema.
And so all these gamers would have their last “war catch”, if they wanted to.
This would allow them to discuss it.
You know, exchange player stuff.
To make them want to play this or that game – > that’s where I intend to support video game companies.
Especially if, as is likely, only small companies will agree with this principle at the beginning.

Anyway, anyway. So, from this stage to the next, there was only a tiny gap – which I crossed with ease.

I had my theatre in 3D – it was still fixed.
But then… if I have this…
If I have people– gamers inside–
If I have agreements with the gaming companies…
Why don’t I model the exterior of Altair Twin?

And if I model it I get: a theatre if I’m in a realistic game; a spaceship for galactic games; a weird cart for medieval and antique games; a giant truck for urban games etc….

What’s the point?
Nothing if we don’t get a deal with any gambling company.

If we do get one – well … Let’s imagine a medieval game:
I get the right, for a limited time and on a limited part of the map, to bring my weird cart into the game.
I go around this piece of map, in multiplayer – so we play with the gamers… and a little bit much increase the publicity of the virtual show. After, I drop off my artists – they make their show excerpts. The Altair cart will have been seen in real time, just before the passage of the excerpts … and inevitably, it will attract players. My challenge is met.

Of course, if we are with real players, they’re really going to play: so they’re going to attack us and try to exterminate us by any means they can. – which is pretty easy to manage, since this isn’t real at all.

And if you, the gamer, get on our weird cart, you’ll find yourself in our Altair Twin 3D lobby: a place without games – a place of truce and show-off.

Which basically means that I’ve got the game companies to create a door between us and them.
If the door works one way: their players come to us –
it has to work the other way around: our audience ‘enters’ their home (in their games).

And now, almost out of the blue, we’ve created the Steam of the Future, a 3D Steam so improved that it blows up all the “old-fashioned” competitors.

So, it adds another room to our virtual theatre: that of the doors of the games …

The idea is so obvious. The truth is, I don’t think I’m in a position to convince the gaming companies to grant us that. It would, however, give them monstrous publicity. I’ll leave that to you.

It’s time to get back down to earth.

So Altair Twin on the net is the website designed to make all of Altair’s proposals – and especially the Virtual Reality proposals – work to the maximum.

Altair Twin dreamed up by me, it gives this site in 3D.

Altair Twin dreamed by the madness that sometimes is in me, it’s a localized entity that I can bring into video games as a vehicle (yes because I almost need it to make the Impossible Festival).

Isn’t it a little sad to end up like this? To think that, well, I have to resign myself?

So, I have a very small alternative proposal… I swear it’s doable and not too expensive.

Well, obviously, as usual, I cheat a little.
But just a little bit.
I’m submitting this idea of Altair Twin 3D – spaceship that goes into a game because… we can actually do it already. Well, we almost can.
It’s the Star Citizen game that can make this possible (yes it’s bad guys who don’t play by the rules who are in charge, I know I know. Never mind – their game is great).
In this game, you buy your spaceship.
And then you play.

So… if Altair buys its spaceship…
And still go ask permission to “troll” the Star Citizen worlds a lot
And permission to reshape the interior a bit (although, to launch Altair Twin like that, it’s not so necessary).
And the permission to integrate “artist characters”… we have a nice way to test this idea, in a very big game, with a very very beautiful spaceship on top.

I hope you don’t think I’m exaggerating.

Home Page

Featured Image : the marvellous & amazing P-72 Archimedes – in Star Citizen

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