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Perhaps you will find this article very insignificant – indeed, it is.

It’s about video game gamers – you know, my target audience.
I’ve already noted several times that these young people have remarkable creativity and I wanted to come back to that.

This time, it’s about their ability to take ownership of the games they like, by adding what they call “mods”.

Roughly speaking, a mod is an addition to the initial program of a game, which makes it possible to transform it.

I found out that these computer hacks were already in existence several years ago from my first son, who was struggling to insert lines of code into the programs of his favourite games.
Back then, players exchanged the lines of code directly with each other – and you had a new skin, an orange lightsaber, etc. in your game. All right – there are also a lot of mods that allow you to undress characters – oddly enough, especially girls. Okay…

Things have evolved – and now, since video game companies have been forced to keep their players’ attention by offering very regular updates via the internet (and via platforms dedicated to games), you can directly find proposals for games with different mods, without having to enter the source program to insert the lines.

And that’s how I heard – not seen – last night, a “familiar shout” : Star Platinum – Za Warudo.
You can hear this in season 3 of JoJo Bizarre Adventure – which is a manga, then an anime.
It is the two shouts of the two major characters of this arc: Jotaro and Dio, the hero, the villain.
So I go down to see: my son wasn’t watching this series at all. He hadn’t put on an OST. No, he was playing Skyrim.

Skyrim is a game from the Elder Scrolls series – directed by Bethesda.
In this game, with a very Nordic atmosphere, your character is going to realize that he is the Dovahkiin – dragonborn / the son of the dragon – and that he has “easily” the uncommon ability to master the draconic language: basically, he’s going to shout magic cries, which will have quite different effects.

The first and best known that is learned is the Fus Ro Dah, which sends everything that was not well fixed to the ground to the horizon.
So in your character’s abilities, there’s a whole list of these famous “shouts”.

My son laughed, asked me to wait a little bit and I saw his character gives a shout and the shout was: Star Platinium – Za Warudo. At that point, like in the anime, time stopped for all the characters – except for the screamer.
It was a “JoJo mod” placed in a game.
In fact, there were several insertions of this manga in Skyrim.

Here’s an example of what it looks like – and each player will be able to either code or take over the mods found by the others. Here, the player has managed to integrate the “double fighter” of Jotaro’s hero, Star Platinium, into the game – so he fights instead of the gamer.

It’s true, it makes me happy, I love both the game and the anime.
And in fact, there is a link: in both, the characters have “words of power“, which they use to fight.

It’s all to say the same thing: gamers want to connect everything they love.
They make those connections, they make them their own, they re-energize them.

And how come nobody cares?
How come Altair Twin doesn’t exist yet?

I needed to remember why I bother with this project. It’s for them. For their joie de vivre, their inventiveness, their creativity.
It’s for artists who have the same joy, the same creativity.

And above all… they are the same: the artists we admire on stage, most of them are very young – and they know video games, most of them play them.

Well – I also admit that I spent most of my day replaying Skyrim in JoJo mode. How did I miss that?
I was off to play for a while… I still have a lot of more important things to do: shopping, cleaning, finishing that damn wall by the end of the month, acting like an angel in the bank. Anyway, I played, it was definitely more interesting.

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Featured Image : A mod in Skyrim – flying is easier to fight a dragon…

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