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Today: Les Tambours du Bronx.

They’re French. Drummers. Percussionists – It’s a pretty old company which has quickly become a great big international company.

Of course, and that’s understandable with the name of their company, they are one of those French people who love American culture and are not ashamed of it at all.
That is surely why they were one of the first companies I contacted to find out if they would like an idea like Altair’s.

At that time, we were all really convinced that the most difficult thing for Altair would be to convince the performing arts companies.

Since the cinema, they have gone from performing companies to live shows: it’s as if the word “live” now makes all their particularity.
Alive, ephemeral, never exactly repeating itself, changing according to the conditions: who is in the theatre, the way the rehearsals went, who is happy, who is sick… so many parameters that make each performance totally unique and alive.

As a result, we had to be able to explain the enormous particularity of the project in relation to “capturing” their shows on video: the excerpts, the motion capture, the impossible points of view for the audience.

But we needed their feelings, all of them.
And here I am contacting the production of Les Tambours du Bronx.
They were the first to answer an absolutely splendid YES.
Unconditional YES.
Yes, with lots of ideas that I hadn’t had before…
Yes, with, without my saying so, mention of the real problem they face: the departure of the young audience.

It’s a truth that everybody knows – but nobody talks about it.
Young people have totally deserted the theatres.

And yet, if there’s one company that resists, because their shows blow their minds, it’s them.
And they said: YES.

So we had to continue the adventure.

Look what they’re doing.

Okay, it’s a bit of a wild genre of music.
Perfect music for Cyberpunk 2077 and all the urban games.

I was very proud of their response – and very motivated to launch Altair.
So tonight… back to the roots: those who made me want to give all my time to this project.

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Featured image : Live Show – 2016 – Tambours du Bronx

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