Adrien M. & Claire B.


Adrien M. and Claire B., it is at the source a true love story. When two creators meet… it results in masterful works.

Adrien is a computer scientist. And a dancer. And juggler.
He quickly launches his company, solo again, and presents his first show that mixes computer science and juggling.

He meets Claire: she is a scenographer, visual artist and graphic designer.

The company then adds Claire’s name.

They came to our theatre to present Hakanai.

When I see that again, I know that I have perfect artists for Altair.

And even more perfect for the virtual part of my splendid Impossible Festival.

They are in the pure exploration of what can be done when one decides to use coding and virtuality for artistic purposes.
Look what they’re doing with a book and exhibits :

Obviously they’re not the only ones working on this weird alliance.
They are surely the few who have not put up any barriers – that’s the main reason I like them.

This was for the audience :

When I tell you that it’s time to invent a theatre that gives a new place to the spectators.

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Featured Image : Coincidence – by Adrien M. & Claire B. – just a little day out of sync with what I had planned..

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