A Woman

So today, I’m… very touched.

This, this only concerns me – it’s true.

I wanted to talk to you about Claire and Adrien – I’ll tell you about them tomorrow.

Today, I’m going to talk to you about a woman.
A truly beautiful woman, beautiful as only Americans know how to be, with that smile that everyone else is jealous of.

She is a woman who has already impressed me many times. By her humanity, by her completely varied activities, by her sense of humor, by the little memories she says about herself and which tell us about her beautiful soul.
I confess, I envy her that I can still have friends from 40 years ago – and that I still talk about them with such affection – even to spend holidays with them.

She wrote a poem that literally enchanted me : here it is.

This is her response to my invitation to play at the two awards I had been offered.

A Girl Named Blue

She felt everything deeply,

this girl named Blue.

She was a mystery to many,

her best friends deep and true.

When her eyes shimmered in fury,

to her private garden

she withdrew.

Honeysuckle hung thick on vines,

in the bed daisies grew,

on picket fences roses climbed,

she breathed in gratitude.

Full on she faced the golden sun

hung high in the azure sky.

She said, “I feel you, Dear One,

Be well. Love and peace unto you.” Crystal Byers

So as an answer… I’m amazed – delighted – and downright glad I was right (yes I’m always a girl who jumps at every opportunity to point out that she was right).

I’m (a little) stubborn about this Altair project because “we”, the people, had no room for us.
Young people especially, but not only them. It’s as if you have to climb the little steps that go on stage to be a real artist. And no, you don’t. You’re the ones I want to put in the spotlight. And when I see the sublime response from my new friend Crystal, I know I was right.

Thanks to her a lot, I finally felt like getting to know the “Americans”. I went to read your blogs, I found excellent poets, people concerned about God and the good to be done in this world, people who talk about History, people who tell you about Lucretia, Epictetus – and in the original text, Americans don’t laugh about culture – photographers… so there, ok, bravo.

So Crystal – rendez-vous at Barcelona airport. I’ll be there.

I’m already telling you: on the Ramblas, you’ll have to drink from the fountain.
It’s a magic fountain. When you drink from its water, you come back to Barcelona.

And if Ashok is there at the same time, it’ll be a celebration of three continents!
Then I will drive you to Perpignan – because Perpignan is the centre of the world. It was not me who said it. It’s Dali.


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Featured Image : Audrey Hepburn – – or : what does that mean, to you the Frenchie, a wonderful American woman ? Crystal – Audrey – Kim….. 🙂

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