Rigged Game

Impossible-Mission. Festival / Screenplay 9

Altair’s Spirit : Provocation.

I’m in a hateful old dog mood, and I like it. Ready for a trip in my mind ? Today, without cheats, the new step of cette putain d’histoire (naughty words : French only – please).

This story didn’t fit, I had it there, stuck in my throat without knowing what was wrong with me.

And then, yesterday night, the first revelation: it was obvious. How can I be so smart and so stupid at the same time? OK, take off the “smart”, that’s too much.

I’m the one who’s killing myself by inventing a story that happens in real life and when do I exploit it? Never.

A silly old goat – that’s all right, I’ve found the point.

It’s the opening of the Impossible Festival. It’s a real festival, with real people in the hall. I thought of the bad guy, Tor, exploiting Altair Twin, a two piece code, the battle in e.sport and what? I forgot who?

Obviously the hero. I was there, seeing that like Die Hard opus 2000, or “I am your father”, but frankly Barbara, what’s on your mind ?

But now, tell yourself it worked. Altair really exists, it’s really the opening of the Impossible Festival. Yes there will be unknown pimps in the hall, people like me – but yes of course, but not only.
There will also be a lot of well-known people. And also actors.

You’re smiling…

You got it ?

Yes, for sure. Do you really need me to continue ?

Well, ok, for fun.

Here’s the joke: my kind of swollen bad guy didn’t choose to act that day by chance.
But no: he chose that day because there are some really very well known and recognised and respected and loved and adored people in the room.

I had to think of leaving “mind: write a fiction” to find –
Good. I let go of all the brakes.
And when I stop braking to accelerate, it starts to get crazy – I like it.
I don’t care about that. It’s on paper. Nothing is happening yet. If you think it’s too silly, pardonnez-moi, mais quand ai-je dit que j’étais une fille raisonnable ?

So I’m in real life. I’m bad. I’m saving the world, yes monsieur, parfaitement, that’s what I do. That’s been the basic injunction for 50 years. I decided that the internet was the plague that was going to wipe out our humanity – ok. All right. I’m going to blow up the internet – and before I do that I’ll take the money that’s lying around: everything.
And then what? I’m doing this all alone in my corner, nobody knows about it? No.
Do I say that? Who do I tell?
No one.
And if I even find a way to talk about it, what will my interlocutors think? That I’m a poor lunatic, but yes, take your little pills, my boy, it’ll be better tomorrow.

So I need a stage. And I hear that there’s going to be the Impossible Festival. And there I win the prize.
I have Altair Twin, with its virtual master key for all the sites in the world. I have the head of the director who will give me a good clue to the other part of the code.
And I have my heroes that I’m going to blow up, because I’m bad and I’m right.
And then nobody will forget me.
Everyone will remember that I saved the world.

That’s already more… fun.
And my hero. Ah. Have you found out who my hero is? Yes, you have. No, it’s not Jotaro.
Jotaro, I’m saving him for the soundtrack. It will be a way to enchant all JoJo fans – so me too – and to have musicians in the room.

OST – music only….

No, my hero is in the room, invited, like a whole bunch of other personalities and actors, because it’s the Impossible gna gna Festival. You’ve got him now ? Yes ? 🙂

Well, no.

There are three to find.

I need a team. And I’m a cheat. And I’m proud of it. I’m sorry.

Okay, you found him.

Can you imagine that? You are the audience, you are in the hall, and already you are very happy to be so close to such impressive actors. Badasses is the french word for them.
Mission: Impossible – Peaky Blinders – Sherlock. – Is it OK if I only put the names of the series?

And then my nasty bastard sends a direct provocation to these three actors.
But then totally cash. Do you play heroes? Do you like to play? Ok, come and play with me for a while.
The heads of the people in the theatre.
They might think : but no… these guys are real people… but what the hell is that ? Of course, here I insist heavily that everyone understands that there is a madman who is confusing men with their roles in fiction.
With these three roles played by these three men, I have three registers : action / illegality / sociopathy : between them, they’ll blow up my bad guy – but in the end.

It’s not a whim, I swear. One for the most terrifying actions – and I think it amuses him – to terrify us; yes yes I say that – and the whole room goes: no no no no! Nooo – and yes. He’s so incredible – and he’s the only one who can play with the circus performers I have in mind for this moment. Oui, je suis fan, évidemment. The other one to have all the bad guys on the net with us – what do you think would happen if we managed to smash the net? It would lose a lot of money. So I need a character on the team who’s on the bad guys’ side. And the third one to think faster than his shadow without anyone saying: yes, but uh… He gives rhythm and speed to the action without getting lost in nani nana.

We can even ask the actor from Casa de Papel to get together with the villain – that way everyone will be totally confused: who is the villain?
In fact the idea is absolutely obvious: we will ask them to play these double roles: person/character- but without telling the spectators, who will have the moment of doubt in their lives – this point, all right, we have to manage it very, very well.

And there I have it, the deep spirit of Altair: the real and the virtual in the same sauce. The same action, the same adventure, on all levels.

Okay, I let go of the ramp a little. But this, then, this idea, it’s a real blast for me.

I know. It’s not possible. That these men probably won’t give a damn – which will surprise me because I like this story – but that I can still understand easily. But you see, I don’t care what is possible. I’m looking for a not possible story. This time, I got it.

Il Vento d’Oro – JoJo Bizarre Adventure

Are you still smiling ? I hope so, it’s written for.

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Featured Image : Feroe Islands – Lake Sørvágsvatn & cliffs of Trælanípan – 3° picture by Marc Chesneau. – Since I took the random images, I get incredible natural pictures that warm my heart every day. As a result, I’ve been looking for incredible natural images too.

How can you reasonably understand the world when you live there? Already I can’t do it having never seen it in my life!

And then the end… I’m really proud of it. I managed to surprise myself – and that’s still very rare. Tomorrow, chronological reclassification of the main bricks. No, I won’t tell you the end.

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      1. My dear niece would be in deep sleep now – hopefully 😊 and I got up a while back 😊 We are about 5 hours ahead of you.
        I love the sky but do miss the sea and love it too 💕

        Sleep well. Love and hugs 🤗

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