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Impossible-Mission. Festival / Screenplay 10.


Altair Twin is a program. A complex program, so well coded. I saw so many movies on the subject. All bad. All bad why ? Because, everytime, the machine turns to the Devil. Yes I saw Matrix. Brilliant. Except one point : when is the famous real reality so different of the so bad unreal reality ? Never. Hours of fight to find the same life in the end. Well. Okay. It’s Liberty. Freedom. Let me thing that a machine is a machine, and the devil, if he has to be, is the man behind the machine. The man – not a figurate God.

I don’t want this story to somehow resemble all those stories where we make ourselves believe that the enemy is the future. That’s my first stone.

So I begin the process of putting in chronological order all these threads that I have scattered in all directions.

I could almost write a real screenplay with this, it could make a cool movie. But it would miss the real game dimension. And that’s still its great interest.
I asked myself the question – it’s surely easier to place a film script than to create a theatre that doesn’t look too much like the others. I’m telling you this, I won’t do it – but I was still wondering how we could make a great film from this curious experience. I sniffed something out, it’s going to bother me. In my big series: what animal are you today? I took out the hunting dog.

2° stone: don’t forget that you love cinema.

So – let’s go.

You may not need to read this – it’s almost a private job and it must be a bit boring to read. For me it helps me learn English a little better – and it forces me to think in detail.

If you keep reading, I beg you, don’t blame me!

Everything that follows has nothing to do with reality.
It is a question of identifying the implementation of the elements of history that structure the Impossible Festival.

Altair Twin: period of development.
> there was a problem: it was AT’s ability to move from one game to another, from one publisher to another.
We realized that the internet world was as closed as the real world of the past.
Since AT’s challenge is to be the modern “Thespis cart” – that is, to be an object in constant motion – fences are problematic.

So we had to work with all the major players on the net – to find a coding that would allow us to overcome these barriers.
I’ll skip over the details of how, who and gna gna – there’s a lot of material to write a prelogy.

This key of passage has been invented and validated by the big internet companies.
It is therefore integrated into the Altair Twin program.
This key is complete – it must be valid and active at all times.

But it has been restricted – limited: it is only recognized by all video game companies. Any request for access to other sites is not possible: this avoids having some kind of pre-programmed pirate ship active when controlled.

The subroutine that restricts Altair is therefore particularly important. It is this program to which access must be impossible.
It is this sub-program that is protected by the double code.
If a new gaming company sets up – and/or a new partner, then there are physical operations to be performed : AT is put into maintenance. The bridle program is taken out – reprogrammed – and … hidden again, protected by a new double code.

Ok – so if I want to break this – I go directly to the engineers who developed this program: it’s easier.

Thus this program was not developed by engineers: in other words, that means that nobody has had those lines of code in front of them – ever.

So who developed this thing? If no one did, then it’s something. AT is arguably the first brilliant realization of an AI. Torturing an AI becomes less… fun.

She (she for an AI ? – yes from France – your neutral is unknown here) realized Altair and its navigational capabilities. She has bridled these capabilities – and she has mostly hidden the bridle program: it is the AI that will create the double code.

From a human point of view, those who know about this are:

  • the founders of Altair
  • Altair investors
  • video game companies – online
  • the internet giants: private and public
  • the company that invented this AI – and the engineers who proposed the modeling to the AI – i.e. they gave it the whole list of authorizations > the system is acceptable only if it is rigged: AT has the right to access only a restricted list of places on the Internet. It’s easier than giving authorization to everything and checking the ability to enter at each site. It’s more … nice as logical reasoning. Yes, I did some math and I got the “elegant reasoning” trick.

So that’s a lot of people. They are all aware of the principle: universal key – restricted – restricted authorizations – unblocking code protected by a key impossible to crack – creation of the universal key by a last generation AI – which does not keep its data.

Altair’s management knows: the list of authorizations
the process of maintenance / debriding / r-encoding which allows to adapt AT when needed
> so at least one person – normally two – in Altair know where the double code is: to be able to activate it.

This is the real flaw in the system.

Ok – so so so…

I’m going to add two or three “boxes” here that make the codes take longer to get to grips with – which avoids finishing too quickly and adds a bit of action and stress.

it gives something like that : the character says: the real code is there. He goes “there”, opens box 1 – which will give him access to box 2 – which will send him to box 3 where the “real” part of the code is. It’s rather logical.
The fun is in: who will find box 3 first?
who will figure out where the code is in box 3?

When it comes to hiding these “boxes” I trust myself – but I need the real location. I trust myself, because everything I put away is lost forever. I’m still the girl who managed to put her phone – no ringing – in the freezer bag. Lost 6 months.
It will be difficult to find the places where I would have thought to put these things – I’m not even following my own logic. It will be “by instinct”. As a result, it is a personality trait that will have to be in place for the story to run smoothly. Ok, I have one point.

Second : the real code is hidden under a musical score – yes, this is done for a real theatre. A particular score, as I’ve seen some on the net. This is the ultimate protection – done by the Altair’s first Director. < that means there is another one this day.

So I can continue the game of hide-and-seek.
The director gave everything to his successor – almost. He gave him an excerpt from the score – and I’m going to play on the first director’s dumb side – saying that it’s the theatre’s fetish score, you mustn’t lose it. It’s this score that will make it possible to decipher the other one. (decipher ????? sound curious, but I’ve liked finding this word)
So much for my real code.
In hologram it will be top .

And come on, let’s keep going.

The virtual part. I know I know, there are guys who still haven’t gotten over seeing green lines of code on a black background. As far as I’m concerned, I’m over it very well – and I even find it a bit… annoying to see that again.
So it’s not at all – but at all – cinematographic, visual, whatever you want. It’s not anymore.

That’s a bone. 2 bones and 1 skull. —- me ? I wrote that ? no.

I admit that I still wanted to play with this virtual side.
I let go of those damn lines – and I rely on 3D structures (you know those grids).
I have all my humans, down there, in real flesh – with a bony underside and a skull – who are connected in Virtual Reality / or with their controllers and who manage Altair Twin.
Well – because it’s 3D, they’re there as characters.
If I make it a requirement to enter AT that I have chosen a character (as in all games), then my villain will be in the form of a 3D character too.

I wanted…. to have a dance company modeled for that day. Since I’m an indecent cheat, I’m going to give them “infinite life”. They can and will be chased, hurt, locked up by the bad guy. But they will not “die”.
The first objective of the villain will be to obtain the cheat code. He will not get it.

And of the blow, as I have characters in virtual, I also have beautiful battles in perspective….
And the bad guy – when he dies – he comes back as a new character.
It’s a horrible game.

Down below; it will have to be activated to prevent the bad guy from coming back indefinitely.
It’s funny, isn’t it?
It changes – a little bit.
And no – nothing Matrix in it – in fact … how? well…. In a nutshell: a nice game battle suits me better.
(I’m realizing that the first screenplay I wrote already had a few scenes from video games. I wonder if it’s not becoming an obsession ?)

Now : the virtual code.

This one needs a good heavy scene: Altair Twin will be cut up live.
Basically: it will disappear, line of code removed, after line of code removed.
The goal is to find lines that don’t transform anything. Things put there, one wonders why.

I’m going to assume that my engineer friends are not jokers who forget lines of code anywhere, like I forget my phone.
And so: these lines finally found will be the virtual half of the code. -recomposed, with the elements of the real code, these lines will finally show the key to the net.

Now it’s starting to take shape.

I haven’t finished the foundations, I have to move on to the different characters – so that I have the levers of motivation and demotivation.

What else ? a coffee? hmm – so pathetical joke – sorry ! – Anyway. I’m satisfied – I admit I’m even quite proud of myself, well well well….

Are you all right? Did you follow me here? Well, if that’s it, I really appreciate. Merci infiniment.

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Featured Image : chromatic puzzle -5000 pieces- by Clemens Habicht – sometimes I feel like I’m wasting my time – and then actually, not so much.

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