Aragami 2

To have a good time and see the light again, playing is a great opportunity.
It’s true, it’s much less powerful than Medea.
But I mustn’t abuse the power. Afterwards I hurt myself – I am unbelievably clumsy.

So today : video game.

Aragami is a video game that also falls into the category of my target “games-types”.
It is developed by the company Lince Works – who, from the shadows of Barcelona, (these are their words, and I think they are great) works to create beautiful video games.

Lince Work is, again, an Indie – independent gaming company – it’s not a monster, not yet.
And they are, like all freelancers in this professional field, required to be very creative: otherwise, no more company.

Their thing is Japan and Ninjas. In Aragami 1 & 2, you’re an assassin (but yes, well – that’s what video games are all about, it’s epic, it’s about fight – in short – I like it) and you have a particular power, that of mastering a shadow: with that you get rather nice visual effects.
All this in Japan in the time of the Samurai, with all that it implies of beauty in the fights – in the costumes and in the scenery.
Just for that alone, I buy.

I let you see what is their last opus : Aragami 2

It is easy to notice two points: even small independent companies have fallen in love with 3D.
And they do it rather well.

And their game is a blissful plunge into a Japan of the past – yes I know, a Japan that doesn’t exist at all – a Japan seen from Barcelona… – but still worked in a way that tries to capture the spirit of that country.

So you know where I come in, just like that, with my little air of nothing, telling that yes, today, relax.
I arrive at these shows of Japanese culture that I’ve been thinking of going to look for this week.

Can you see?

The most it would give for their game to have, at a detour, a little piece of one of Kagura’s shows ?

Goshintai Dance

Totori Dance

Or something like that :

To have a relationship with these artists?
And the artists? Who are for the moment considered nice guys but completely lost to the modern world, species of living museums, by entering these games, gain the consideration of young players – and old players too.

I am convinced of what I am saying: the future will be for those who succeed in creating links and bridges between us, between everything we love, between everything we do.

I’m also giving you the short interviews of the two developers: what’s interesting to note here is: the transition to the second opus – and how to make something even better out of it.
This is where Altair comes in.

You’re going to tell me – no, not you – you’re not going to say that.

Thursday night I got a phone call from someone pretending to be interested in Altair.
And there … huge: the big objection is: Yes but ma’am…you have to know the games to make Altair.

So this one. How to tell you? I wasn’t expecting it at all.

I think it’s called a job, with skills that go with it.
Of course, Altair made by people who don’t know anything about different live shows and who don’t know anything about video games, it’s not going to give much.
At the same time, why would people who don’t like either go and get lost in two areas they don’t know?

Let’s forget those nice morons who won’t make me crack.

These excerpts, the few pictures of Aragami show what it means to be a great independent creative studio: they work on 3D – which represents for them a colossal amount of work. They can’t afford EA Games or Bethesda. And their 3D goes very, very well because they’ve found some tricks: sending a shadow in 3D allows blurring the rendering and it’s nice on top of that….they avoid the pitfalls of faces – in short, they’re cool guys and inventive.

Home Page

Featured Image : Aragami by Lince Works – Barcelona.

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