S-F Mode. Again

Video Games Links/ Draft

It’s not done. The work is in progress.

Well…. my brain is in progress. I hope so.

To know what I want, I have to take my place as a player – not as a seller : this is the first point. Thus, I played.

So – back to 3020.
We’re at the point where it’s usual: artists perform from game to game, and that doesn’t surprise anyone anymore. They are invited to virtual venues and perform in games at that time.

Of course, if I make them travel through the game world to get to the venue, they’re not playing anything yet. They are simply transported.
That means that my proposal to replace them during the show is good to throw away, completely idiotic.

gna gna gna – wait – maybe… if we arrive at a model of an artist’s character that is “modeled” on the abilities of each artist, who would react in his own way to attacks? Could it work ? Could it be fun ? Basically, this means that I extrapolate what I want to see in the Impossible Festival, artists who come off their stages and play with us. Hm.

Does it hold for everyone? How can a girl who plays the violin be effective in a mode kill them all? In nothing, let’s not mess around too much. So it can only concern a few artists – those who are in the physical registers: circus, dance – possibly the guys who work with shadows, it can give some nice visual things – and very deceptive ones. The others, no. No? pfff – no & I’ll see that later.

And so, replacing transported artists can only be playable in a few cases. – Besides, putting excerpts from shows in games doesn’t mean putting excerpts from every single show: there will necessarily be a choice beforehand.
We can also validate the attack during the show: there my first idea holds.

!!!! I’m not making any progress at all.

I don’t care, I’m still seriously entangled … Another question –

How do you replace the artists when you are a player? Throwing everything on the magic AI is too easy. As we have their movements, we can probably propose a “shadow-guide” : it would allow him to know more or less what is expected from him. It was in a Crash Bandicoot I think, that the timer mode made us fight against our shadow-best timer. But as I’m talking about online games, the guys will be in real time, we can’t do it again. Mission Failed – don’t try again.
Or a trip like the gulag of Call Of Duty? -no – because during this time the game is moving forward. I’m not in a Battle Royal perspective here.

So what’s the point of the AI?
If I’m the one playing, I’m not going to succeed in making the right moves like that in improvisation. As a result, the show is unbalanced: the AI will be : to program the NPC artists so that they still get me back at the end of the sequence – even if it was a bit rubbish – that they anticipate a possible fall and prevent it – so that the show continues – and that they accept the defeat of the show if I really played anyhow. So being able to handle complex and individual situations – at least make us believe it.

Ca, ok ça me va.

It’s getting clearer. The clouds are dissipating – a little.

So: I’m in team vs. team mode for now.
Not solo – not in adventure – not in battle royal. Not in survival mode. Oh my God, Skyrim’s survival mode, what a hell! I’ve been frozen to death at least ten times, I’ve been eaten by a dragon even more – when you don’t get enough sleep or you’re hungry, you can’t fight anymore. When you’re too cold, everything turns blue and becomes covered with ice – too hot is red. We do the whole map on foot or it costs three elephants to be transported by cart and then we are hungry and tired and the mission… afterwards – something crazy and it made me laugh.

Anyway – I will work on these other modes later.

I’m at :

  • real dream: the artists arrive and transport themselves to the place of the show. Which means that they also have to be programmed to fight, according to their abilities. I shudder to think about it. Then they start presenting the show. They are killable – and will be replaced in the show by the players of the team protecting them.
  • the same, cheaper: I leave out the whole “transportation and arrival” part. They are only in the game on their place of show and are in the process of realizing their show. Of course, they are killable and replaceable – with a player guidance system to replace them.

All right, all right, my first option goes way beyond ‘show within the game’. There we would start to influence the outcome of the game – which means getting – not completely but still – into the heart of the games. Yes, it’s okay, it’s not that bad.

I’m going to get gutted – already entering the “sacred game”, that’s a hell of a piece. But influencing the results…

I don’t care – I like it.

A little eye on the Battle Royal mode? They’re the ones who started playing with artists anyway.

I need Sheogorath’s madness for this mode.

We can do it just like in Fortnite, and set the show as a rendezvous, a time for breaks and conviviality between players.
It’s nice.

Can you tell me why I don’t like the “nice” stuff?

You know, I think, the principle of this mode: all the players are scattered over a huge map – there should be only one left – it’s Highlander their thing – and the map gets smaller, forcing them to confront each other -so that the clever one is not stuck in a toilet, weapon in hand – well hidden and waiting for 1,000 hours for the others to get bored.

It is therefore a matter of attracting them all to the same place at the same time. It’s fun, because a theatre attracts everyone to the same place at the same time.

Hmf. You know what ? I’ll be careful and keep my big mouth shut, I’m going to end up deboned if I keep going. Gutted, bald and boneless. Talk about a laughing future!

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    1. Good morning my sweet uncle 🙂 And : merci ! Well, I wasn’t so proud, I’ve played a lot yesterday…. then : the future 😀 – Working time now, how do you say : ” je vous embrasse bien fort ” ? huge kiss ???? 🙂 Have a nice day

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