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I bet you’d forgotten my love of gambling ? Here it is again. It’s almost still a suicide – obviously, the most important thing is the “almost”.

I did my best with the team vs. team mode. I’m running away from the “Battle Royal” mode. It remains for me to see what I might want, as a player, in the solo/adventure modes – which, given the current configurations of video games, receive content to be downloaded regularly: some are free – others have to be paid for – you can buy in batches or individually.

In fact, the first criterion is price.
I have to admit that, as a gamer, I don’t buy if I don’t think the new content is great.

Here is the suicide: of course I never buy a DLC that just offers me an excerpt from a show – especially if I can’t do anything with it.

As a result, this development proposal for Altair is rather compromised.

Without doing anything else, we would have to rely on competition between different games – and hope that regular and strange content would be enough to bring players to them.

Frankly, I’m not putting a kopeck on that.
So, it’s a question of being a little more precise.

As much as I buy – eyes closed – the DLC that gives me “Dawnfang/Duskfang” from Oblivion to pass it in Skyrim (it’s a quite amazing sword, that you get in an Oblivion DLC, the Shivering Isle) – as much as an element of scenery or atmosphere not. / I’m talking about the Oblivion game, not the movie – even though both are absolutely great.

From there, if I’m a video game company, as much as I pay guys to pass me Dawnfang from one game to the next, I don’t pay anything at all to people who want to sell me DLCs that my players won’t buy.
It’s a relentless logic.

I’m stuck – it’s as usual, I’m not freaking out about it anymore.

In fact – that’s not true: I know very well what I want as a player.
I want to play.
If I stay on Skyrim – which must be one of the most incredible games, because it’s huge, because it’s ultra-epic, because it’s original and is a real creation based on elements of Scandinavian mythology – (well, it’s done – yes, that’s The game for me) – so if I stay on this game, I see that I bought “Skyrim” the game a few years ago, and that there have since been regular downloadable improvements: equipment of course, pets, a lovely crab, and houses to build : there, the player will spend hours, whole nights : stealing iron all over the map, making nails, and then after some nails, and then after some hinges, accessories – and he will increase two of his character’s skills in the game : the forging skill and the discretion skill.
So this expansion – which has nothing to do with an epic adventure – allows the player to go through the map again – gives him new objectives and allows him to improve his character.

That’s what I want to achieve in these games.
I want the artists’ representations to be there not just to look good.
They have to be a new element of the game.

When the guys at Rockstar North start imagining a city of artists, the artists we’re offering have to be part of their next Red Dead Redemption.

When the Rare guys expand their islands – let the shows be part of the game.

There are millions of possibilities that open up as a result: getting the band to the right place, protecting them – it’s a no-brainer. Setting up the set – … having nails to set up the set (yes, I was traumatized by the nail story). Set up the stage. Avoid that your set doesn’t collapse under the weight of the scenery. Get back your main artist who is having a nervous breakdown. Go and get all those little tricks we’re going to get, so that the artists can play serenely: the one who needs a little dog to pet before going on stage – the guy who thinks he’s a star and who demands a completely closed corridor between his dressing room and the stage, painted black – the musicians who need a lukewarm bath with real chamomile flowers. These are all real facts – the kind of stuff you see on the pro emails: who has a small dog to lend? And then it’s not just about transporting people at all.

And according to the games, finding oneself – in chrono – that’s what you need before the show – looking for a dog, bundles of chamomile, nails, screws etc. …. it sends you back into the game for a new adventure.
And so, me player knowing that I am being offered a new phase of the game, I buy the DLC. The more this phase of the game will surprise me – and take me some time – the more I would like to buy it.

Afterwards, I won’t rebuild Paris either.
I think that all the pros of the big games, once they have the perspectives to use the excerpts, will know very well what to do with them.
Altair’s role will be: to have playable shows – to have perspectives for games and for using the excerpts.
I don’t know if it’s wise to have in advance some kind of game to stick in the “real game”.

But what I am sure of is that if there is only the scenery – Altair will only work as a subcontractor of the big video game companies – it will not be a question of activating the economic models linked to the content to be downloaded. For that to happen, we need to move forward more in the game’s perspective.

By the way – these various quest openings (yes yes the famous side quests) can be adapted to team vs. team mode.

As for the Battle Royal mode – you know what would be great?
Yes, there’s only one left on the map, and the location of the last battles is the stage.
And whoever wins, when the game is played with Altair, he goes home with his V.I.P. spot and/or virtual participation.I don’t invent these places. They exist. They are given to patrons who have never given a penny from their own pocket – to friends and family who never come but don’t always warn – to journalists because they work the poor. As I am absolutely exasperated by this system, I also absolutely want to take over these tickets and play them with the public.

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