The key.

Video Games Links / Programming Themes.

Since the beginning, I’ve been looking for an obvious key – so as to create this link between games and shows without it being forced and totally artificial.
It was hung right under my nose & it took me months to find it.

The iron must be beaten while it is hot. How many times did I hear this mysterious phrase when I was a child?

Now I understand: it’s all about staying on track and developing to the maximum.
Yesterday, attacked by a sudden inspiration while looking for a way to seriously integrate into Altair’s concepts, I identified a principle, which I nicely called the concept of: pretty -empty shell.

Of course, all the guys whose games I call “pretty shells” are going to hate me directly.
I will find a more diplomatic name when the time comes.
In the meantime, I think the concept speaks for itself: a pretty shell, it makes you want to pick it up – and then as it’s empty, you don’t know what to do with it and you just leave it there.
That’s pretty much what happens with most video games. (and a majority of just about everything else, by the way).

To be precise, I’m currently working on adventure/action/strategy games.

Games that are purely for arenas, one-on-one fights are not exactly in this category – their purpose is clear from the start, and players know exactly what they are looking for.

It will therefore be about games that are visually very well made – that will have succeeded in creating an atmosphere – games that will necessarily attract the players.
But there will not be enough diversified content to play.

I don’t know why I didn’t understand earlier what this key was – especially since I developed the principle of themes for Altair from the beginning.

I was almost there when I exposed the theme: Boxing.
This theme clearly connects the worlds of video games and the worlds of the stage.

Yesterday, I find myself developing, via my example from Sea of Thieves, the theme of the “bad guys from the seas”.

A large part of my work at the theatre in Perpignan consists of identifying themes that help structure the season’s programming – and that allow the audience to pick and choose the themes that interest them.
Here, I do it “upside down” – as I find the themes from the catalog of shows that are programmed. This often gives rise to splendid intellectual acrobatics – my bad faith helps me a lot in this context

And that’s the key. The theme that combines games and shows.
It’s so stupid that I wonder how I could have missed it for so long. I circled around, so there, like a masterful queen – but more myopic than the mole. Seeing it is dated today.

The empty “pretty shells” of video games are empty because they have no major stories.
That’s the fashion these days in game development. We let the player “live his life”.
So there, frankly, as a pathetic idea, it had to be found. Not only did they find it, but they’re making it happen.
And the result is games that are almost all based on the same model: you go for a walk – well. You work to improve: your boat, your ship, your car – good. As a result, the player completes secondary quests that are more or less interesting. You fight against evil pirates who want to take the fruits of your labor – pfffff.
That’s all there is to it.
Are you happy? How can you be unhappy? You’re free, Max.

Max, do you know what he answers, Max? The same answer as my darlings last Saturday: living our lives in a video game sucks. Oh yes, in the game I have the right to fight, to kill and to fly machines that don’t exist. Okay – that’s the advantage. That’s why we play anyway.
But the fun aspect has really gone.

I’m not going to remake the world – on the other hand, if I can take advantage of this huge weakness of video games, I don’t see why I won’t do it.

I can propose shows that will animate, according to the theme of the game, a little bit the secondary atmosphere. – And no, I won’t comment on the fact that these games don’t have a main quest… no no no, it’s not like me to be evil-minded like that. Me ? I am ? Tss…

I can propose shows with animated artists who will liven up the secondary atmosphere a lot: this means that for a while, the arrival of my artists will be a secondary quest inscribed in the heart of the game.

I can also propose shows associated with a battle in, in real time – with a piece set up to achieve this – a piece invented for, barely deviating from a novel, a movie etc – but deviating in order to give the players some play.
(so by changing the ending and cheating like crazy to influence the end of the game in – this I found yesterdayLight : caught).

And in the meantime, on the Altair stage, there won’t be one show dedicated to this theme, but a whole series, in all genres (from music to puppets to dance) and with all the levers: from shows to virtual reality experiences.

Therefore – having announced my competition for such and such a date based on the chosen theme – I will create an emulation for this theme.

I can even organize the shows and animations in order to allow the players to participate or not in the competition.

– That’s ugly and bad player – but who said I’m pretty and good player? Not me. –

All the same, this implies that Altair “advances” towards the world of video games, planning to create shows “created” to be played at the same time, shows that will go like a glove to places and times of play.
And of course, we have to convince game developers.
Maybe going through Epic Games – they’re motivated to break the rules.

Home Page

Featured Image : from Legend of Zelda

n° 1 : from the indie & free video game : Free the key – it’s a puzzle game.

Oh, I just stumbled upon this – so already I love it. Then I want to see it for real. And finally, no, yes, seriously, can’t you see yourself playing this in Virtual Reality? You don’t have to learn how to dance, but it’s better to manage a little – especially in a group, so you don’t lose your balance.
As, in a game, for the phase: Guys, we caught the treasure, let’s celebrate! – I dream about it. Why isn’t that in the games?

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