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If you already know N3rdistan , I kiss you. And I congratulate you for your great musical curiosity.

This group is a bit of a pride for us – we the asphyxiated French from Perpignan / what do you mean I’m overdoing it? well, all right, all right, fine. Let me grumble, though, at least a little – their first stage was at home, in our room dedicated to music: El Mediator.

N3rdistan is not a completely normal group. They are young – they are Moroccan, or French, or both, or from somewhere else: place of origin does not matter, they are people with heart.
You’ll find musicians of just about every style: rock, rap, trip hop 😀

I’ll leave you to find out what is the precise definition of Trip Hop : it’s better to listen, it’s easier than getting lost trying to put diverse flies in jars with labels on them.

I admit, when I listen to this, I hear jazz… but hey, I’m old, me & all right, not only jazz :

Have you made up your mind about Trip Hop? Basically, the musicians use all the genres they like, they mix it up and that’s what Trip Hop is all about.

That’s how a very large part of N3rdistan’s musicians define themselves. So we know that they’re going to pick up everywhere, for the happiness of the music.

For the lyrics… they decided to choose the best poets in classical Arabic: Al Maari Ibn Zeydoun … And all of this was done with the simple concern of creating the right music for each of the lyrics – so all genres had to be used.

Here is an excerpt from a poem by Al Maari

Are the stars, in the darkness, dead or sensitive?
Are they devoid of sensitivity, or do intelligence and reason rise in the vapors that surround them in the morning and evening?
Some believe in retribution in the other life and all that follows.
The others say, “You are like the grass that grows in the field.
So here are my final recommendations:
Stay away from ugly things, but don’t be averse to beautiful deeds.
For I felt that the conscience tormented all sinners with its reproaches on the day of departure.
If our souls have been rusty in our bodies, perhaps the day is coming when they will be rusty again.

And this is how they bring 13th century Spain back to life –
In fact, when you listen to them, you don’t realize that.

We just realize that they are talking to our hearts – mainly when our hearts are afraid. When we feel sadness overwhelming us. Then, letting our souls sail with the souls of poets and musicians is a wonderful medicine.

Just close your eyes – if you’re accompanied, take the opportunity to be a little more together, a little more soul to soul – and if you’re alone, do as I do: grumble but let yourself go, it’s still a great pleasure to listen to this music and these unknown words.

They were found and loved by our music hall programmer, Julien Bieules. He too is a big name in the business in France. He listens to everything. He goes to see everything. He doesn’t have any pre-established rules.
When I told him about Altair, his eyes became magic. Of course he will send us all his pearls, all his finds and all these artists he finds on the side of all the roads.

The man to be called for the programming of the theatre part is called Domenec Reixach. He will start by saying no, he is a good guy and he is incredibly modest. He will say that he is too old now – I know him. But he knows everyone & everything, and above all, above all, he loves the audience.

– Did you see ? I give the names now. These two men will be necessary to give Altair the new blood that shows need. –

Home Page

Featured Image : from N3rdistan, of course.

To end this article: I refuse – I categorically refuse to bow my head. As long as I can’t do anything else, I will write here my dreams for Altair. I’ll run away later. But I allow myself to grumble, to be unpleasant, to say anything, and even to laugh anyway. Non mais sans blague.

And if you’re not confined, do this theatre: it would be the only one that would work great in these times …. so much…. – I stop. But Altair will be able to live -a little- from afar, virtually.

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