Fallout & the Grass of Oblivion

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If you’re familiar with video games, you already know that Fallout is a big Bethesda license – 4 major games, several derivative games, one game to come, and a mobile game, in 2D : Fallout Shelter. Its setting is the United States after the madness of nuclear bombs – visually the game is disturbing (I was disturbed – I’m an impressionable girl).
But do you know how to say : Grass of Oblivion, in Russian ? They say : Chernobyl.

The Grass of Oblivion – Company : Point Zero

It is a rather disturbing coincidence that the site of the most serious real nuclear incident in Europe is called: Grass of Oblivion. The site is gradually being reopened to humanity. And so some people went to see for us what the “next world” would look like.

Frankly, the stories and the images they brought back are very strange, very, very impressive – but not frightening: life has come back. It’s green everywhere. The animals, the plants, they are there. But strange.

As a result, it made directors want to create shows on this theme.
One of this show is called : The Grass of Oblivion.
I’ve already talked about it, last year – please forgive me for not seeing any more shows since March – it’s a little bit stopped at the moment.

As you can see, puppets are no longer toys at all, only for children.
Those who develop them to real size produce shows that are for adults and that do not necessarily make people laugh.

You take this show like you take a punch in the belly – it makes a pretty powerful effect.

Here – in spite of a text in French – you have double images: those of the show and those taken on the spot – the French text explains that the words are those of the people who testify.

There are lots of ways to warn about afterwards – there are movies, there are video games, there are shows.

Fallout proceeds in the same way: you start before, in a small American town, everything is fine, baby is sleeping, the little dream house, the charming young couple – and bam – the end of a world.

You can say that we shouldn’t play, that it’s not correct – this is not for those under 18 – okay – there are enough people who say that we shouldn’t play, that it’s not correct.
We have here an enormous bond – which can also enrich both sides: the game and the show.
And I have no a priori reason to prevent myself from exploiting it.

You see them, those terrifying puppets of the Grass of Oblivion? Can you imagine meeting them at play, in Fallout, one night, at night?
They are around you – they testify
they surround you – they train you
they grab you – it’s a horror movie.

And what do you do? As usual in Fallout, do you shoot them? Ah this time it will be no, wrong answer – try again – you’ll have to listen to them – find their memories: you know the real nice picture from before – for example.
The possibilities of entering the game are almost infinite : we will play “infiltration & strategy”.

And from them, I also have endless possibilities for e.sport tournaments that are not based on shooting – it’s not the only part of the video games. Here, these two works allow me to invent a beautiful tournament of infiltration and strategy.

– you saw that I’m not doing my “fan club”, I didn’t talk about the movie Fallout, even though it’s absolutely great – although, actually – between a film that pretends to be a theogony and explains to us who God is and what he does, with pills and special effects, and a film that pretends to stick us in the armchair – in Paris, too – there I cracked, they’re so well shot the scenes from Paris, it’s for once a real Paris that you can see – and who had the absolutely brilliant and far-fetched idea of the scene of the helicopters stuck in the gutter of the cliff? – so I’m telling you, when I talk about shows that I’m excited about and want to see, it’s much more on the side of Fallout – the movie – that I’m leaning towards – but largely. The pill side annoys me badly.

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Featured Image : from Fallout IV – a Bethesda Game.

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