E.sport Proposals

Here’s what Altair can offer to video game companies and gamers when it comes to e.sport.

1 – the e.sport tournament organized in the year will be the culmination of a season built to lead to this tournament.

2 – to build a season : concretely it means to identify a theme ‘link’ between the video game and the shows and to program : several shows, in several genres, and several associated animations, including Virtual Reality animations of course.

3 – a precise show and a game are associated to create the e.sport tournament:
– the show is re-written, so that it can be played on three possible ends: and thus integrate the finale, in part, into the show and use the result live.
– the show and the final of the tournament take place simultaneously.
– one end is chosen in advance by Altair – and cheats are inserted in the tournament to favor one team: this is specified in advance – what is not specified is which team will benefit from the cheats.
– cheats are not absolute: the other teams must be able to win – even if their end will not match the end of the show played at the same time.
– if there is a difference between the result of the tournament and the end of the show, the expected end is shown on stage – then, after the end of the show, the result obtained by the e.sport team is announced and shown. Altair acknowledges its defeat. All players are invited to come on stage to greet.

This – cheating – is obviously not necessary – however, since it doesn’t exist, it can have a good fun potential for players, because it poses a complicated and unprecedented challenge.

4 – types of tournaments :
classic – a team fight scene: this will be adapted to tournaments for Battle Royal games – played as a team – and for most shooting games – so the majority of games currently played in e.sport tournaments.

other types of competitions must be imagined, using all the game modes that already exist in video games – and adapting them to a competitive mode :
* infiltration
* clues search / quest progress
* character rescue
* ability to find / chase musical phrases: remember Patapon? – elements of this game base can be found in so many mini-games.
* races, etc

Fundamentally, no mode of play should be ruled out a priori. Altair positions itself a bit like a troll in the world of video games – we have to assume the position and not refrain from doing what others don’t do – on the contrary.

5 – organization :
– the tournament takes place on the day of the performance
– the final takes place during the performance – in real time: the players have video feedback of what is happening on stage; the actors and the audience have video feedback of what is happening in the game.

three teams will be selected for the final, as far as possible: this increases the potential for stress – and therefore for fun in the end.

6 – exploitation :
one shot: there is only one tournament and one performance: it is rarer, it is more expensive.
several shots: with three possible endings, Altair is sure to always be able to offer a show ‘to be built in real time’: it is therefore quite manageable to program several “lots” of: tournament+show
on other stages: once the lot is realized on the Altair stage, it is possible to sell the lot to other venues – this is only really valid if you really have three endings and three cheats realized for the lot.
– offline: each element can be used separately: the game mode without tournament and show in the video game / the show without live tournament but offline on the stages. The product is less expensive and is positioned as a product of appeal for the public.

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