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It was really interesting, this pro meeting.

Not only were there a lot of people interested in the field -but I was able to observe a feeling shared by all of us: something is missing.
We need to give another dimension to competitions.
Ways should be found to truly engage the public.
Do not forget to keep and amplify the “real event” side

Of course, I talked about Altair and all the more or less crazy ideas that came to my mind. I’ve hallucinated at least three of them with my rigged game proposal – I admit I’m very proud of that one.

I was well received – and what does that mean? It means that I’m not finished working at all.

The other dimension and the real side, perfect, it is the basis of Altair’s proposal.

But the participation of the public, I’ve only thought of it for the moment for my beautiful and magnificent Impossible Mission Festival.

I will see if I can find other ideas on this point.
When I think of all the other things I have to do and deal with at the moment… well, never mind, I’ll sleep later.

Gift – from the troll that I am – it’s going to help me work – I seriously love this Panther ❤

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Featured Image : from the movie : the Return of the Pink Panther – Don’t ask me why …. I felt very Pink Panther during this meeting – I don’t question myself any more, it’s not a serious matter – probably because I’m nothing but a crook and a naughty cheat.

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