Phare Circus : be happy again

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If you think I’m cheating – I would have to admit that, yes, I am cheating a bit with you.
This article was written last year – well, part of it.
So all right: I’ve been caught in the act of intense laziness – I admit.

But please, let me defend myself: when we put this article online, we weren’t imagining the potentialities in Virtuality that I’ve been chewing on for the last few months.

Now, if you look at this company… but with what joy – what pleasure – what innocent gaiety – I find in their shows virtual reality locations to make you drop your dentures. Me ? No, no, I’m not so childish, you know me now.

And then … to be happy again is a nice wish – and this is the time to at least wish ourself to be happy again, isn’t it? I didn’t invent it – it comes straight from the song that is taken up, replayed, brought back to life by these great artists of the Phare Circus.
As it’s a wish that pleases me so much: I offer it to you.

Look at them – their show is just beautiful, funny, touching – with smiles, ponds, pipes, art, umbrellas, lovers, laughs and of course, amazement.


-for the extract of “Singing in the Rain”- I admit : a complete crack.
You’ll notice that I’m less afraid to write in English now. I was quite limited in the beginning

Can not resist the reference :

Singing In The Rain – Singing In The Rain by Gene Kelly

Variations on love story :

Phare Circus – 2017

What are the references for?
To program not only a show – to program all that surrounds it.

To offer the movie Singing in the Rain in addition – yes we will.

To make very learned experiments on universal gravity and how can one be so comfortable in the air when one has to fall?

La chaîne des Cobayes
Ajoutée le 19 mars 2015

Workshops to play learn taps
Workshops to make juggle clubs with what hangs out at home
Meetings with artists to share their art

And since I start dreaming of virtual “bubbled” spectators walking in the heights of the theatre – I find these gravity experiences particularly fun to offer.

Home Page

Featured Image : Phare Circus – I hope you’ll forgive me for cheating a bit with my time …. but I’m sure you didn’t know the work of these artists – and they’re totally awesome.

Thanks to Trip Trotte for launching us on the Phare Circus track.

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