The Trap

Organization/ programming

Be careful, it’s a trap ! – I love that line – obviously, if I hear it, you can be sure that I’m in the hole directly – but I love that line anyway.

Okay, this is beside the point.

What’s the use of an old horse in a stable of young Thoroughbreds? To warn them of the pitfalls, ambushes & traps that will dot their glorious path.

After the mole, the chicken, the angry boar, the brainless seagull, here is my new role: the old horse.
My bestiary is very important.

So the old horse manages – sometimes – to anticipate the traps.

The trap to be avoided – unless one wants to go bankrupt – is that of time.

What does the girl say?
The horse will answer that, when he is in a theatre for two and a half hours, even when he is very satisfied and has all his nostrils happy, he hurries out to run outside.
To put it plainly: at some point, the spectator, he will leave.
He will have spent enough time within the walls of the theatre.

I can’t blame him, I spend my life running away from everywhere.

As a result – if in the theatre, there are classical rooms and virtual reality rooms – and game rooms? the spectator will choose.

Either two hours of show – or game and virtual reality. In fact, that’s what it’s going to be like.
Coming just for game and virtual reality – it’s going to have to be worth it.
And then my bet is missed: the goal is to attract the fish – not to make it run away as soon as it’s attracted. – I continue in the bestiary, yes I like that.

So what do we do?
We program short shows
or even very very short
One sketch – one act.

Careful, I’m not saying it’s the only thing to program.
I’m saying that you have to program that as well.

Do you understand what I mean?

I’m not going to go out and see a sketch or two.
Or to see a one-act play: it’s not long enough.

But if I have something else to do in the theatre, then my perspective changes.
If I’ve done one or two virtual reality tours, and then I sit down to see an act in the theatre, I would have spent enough time in the theatre.
Not too much, not too little.

Consequence: short shows need to be rehabilitated urgently.
And it will be excessively practical to use them to develop theme-links with video games.

I say this lightly – but in reality, it’s a very serious subject. The first one who thinks, without laughing, that he can keep an audience for virtual reality and a long show on the same day, he’s the joker of the century.

Am I exaggerating? Yes.
Altair could work without this type of show.
But it will work much better with it – in every respect.
Whether it’s the spectator – who comes for several short activities – or from a logistical point of view: it’s easier to manage flows of spectators who come for short periods of time.

Whereas if we just keep the format long shows + virtual activities, we will have “traffic jams” before and/or after the show: this is neither relevant nor efficient.

I’d rather be the old horse than the joker of the century.

Don’t you believe me? well, if I think about it again, I’ll take a concrete example โ€ฆ soon.

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Featured Image : Daffy Duck – Looney Tunes – created in 1937 by Tex Avery and Bob Clampett.

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