Sweet Sin

Programming / French Week – Day 2.

Taking the theme of France as my theme for the week, I can’t forget gourmandise – which is a sweet sin raised to the rank of national pride.

If you want to declare war on the French, invite us to a “light vegan” aperitif, with “world waters” bar, no wine, no sausage and no cheese. If you want to win the love of the French, invite us to an aperitif with sweet wines at the beginning: what to choose, my God, between Muscat, Rivesaltes and Banyuls? You can lose us for a whole hour, and find us there, hesitating, if on top of that you offer Martini.
Actually, that’s not true, we’ll take a bit of any wine.
If you forget the pâté, the rillettes du Mans and the sausage – even donkey sausage – , you will be considered as a “nice foreigner who has some progress to make in order to integrate” – as long as you have thought about the cheeses.
And if you are offered a machine to make homemade Chantilly cream, don’t forget that the most important thing is the cream. If it’s not a little yellow, if it doesn’t resist a bit, if it doesn’t have the beautiful soft and firm texture at the same time, no need to tire yourself, it will be missed.
Once it’s done, take some very ripe peaches, poach it in sweet water – put it in a nice ice cream cup, put the peach pits back in your sweet water and you’ll have the peach syrup, vanilla ice cream, your Chantilly and here are your Peach Melba that will delight everyone. All this so that you can be sure that even the worst of the French – or the least French among us – has in his heart an immoderate love for the “arts of the table” – greediness, that is.

A French who hears “Greed is good” immediately imagines a table overloaded with everything he likes to eat the most. I wonder if this is not the misunderstanding that made the film a huge success in France. No, it wasn’t – but .. a little.

So inevitably, when we propose shows on greediness… they work so well! There are as many of them as there are cheeses in France: in other words, an infinite number.

So I chose the one I liked best.
It’s not a show, it’s pure madness.
The madness begins during the set design – it’s about creating a huge, immense kitchen – and capable of withstanding the bewildering acrobatics of the trapeze cooks.

It is a show essentially of Circus, proposed by the Canadian troupe: Les 7 doigts de la main
and it’s an AAA show – I promise you.

Cuisine & Confessions

They are from Quebec – I still managed not to put on a French show from France, and yes I am proud of myself – they are everything, that is to say they are complete artists: circus, dance, theatre, singing, comedy, music – and on top of that they know how to cook.

At the end of the show…. we eat.
And having seen it, this show, but I can assure you so much that it’s just a huge moment of happiness: we are amazed – we are enchanted and we enjoyed it, because the food smells good!

And there, no – no Virtual Reality.
It would be utterly cruel to make you want to eat so much to eat just one image, even in 3D.
The French woman says: no no no no. Bon appétit

Home Page

Featured Image : Advertising postcard for Le Fondant Baulois – I warmly recommend you this cake – even if you gain three kilos with each bite, it’s the chocolate and Breton cake at the same time, totally unforgettable.

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