Programming / French Week. Day 3

Let’s continue the tour around this beautiful country, often, which is mine. You may know that they say that in France, everything ends in songs? So today a detour by one of our mania : humming tunes that we like.

We don’t need the songs to be French – they just have to have a melody that we can hum or whistle, and it will remain in our imagination, because we are “lulled by tender carelessness” since our childhood.

We often sing, to laugh and to give ourselves courage. I don’t know if you knew it, but all those Yellow Vests Days were not just epic breaths – they were sung from one end to the other…. And everyone was delighted to thunder in full voice these songs that unite us.

So it will therefore be absolutely necessary, in a French Week, to program the ritornellas that give energy, carelessness, smile and joy.

Here are a few songs that are so easy to remember & so loved in France .

This one was a huge success – because of the lyrics first of all: it’s a guy who wants to be Miss’s cat – and especially because it’s only vocal, all the sound was done by voices.

Barely out, barely engraved in all hearts, it’s amazing how this song by Nina Simone can be heard again in the early morning, when we are in the street and we hurry to go to work.

This one, in French … yes anyway ….has only been taken up by its lyrics – especially since its lyrics is an image of the French: we don’t care, we’re not going, we’re going to stay under the sheets, we only have to tell your friends that we don’t like them and then …too bad ! I think we all, but we all, say that several times in one lifetime.

As for Edith Piaf’s songs – which have sunk into oblivion – they come back, diverted – and in the end, they never die.

This one, there is not a bar, not a nightclub in France that doesn’t play it at least once a night – and everyone knows it, everyone sings it – it is the “French passport”.

As for this song …. but how wonderful it is – I just can’t do without it.

That would be the day of the little songs, the day of the canaries in full action, like a French day.

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Featured Image : The tree of Live with singing birds – Metz 2014

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