Luz Casal


A woman with a shining name
what else could she do but honor her first name?

So she did.

I don’t have to introduce Luz Casal, she’s a terrific artist.
She has been known all over the world I think thanks to Almodovar’s magnificent film, High Heels.
She lent her voice – and what a voice – to this abominable mother who takes so long to see her daughter’s pain. It is the accuracy of the words, the artistic sensibility of Luz Casal that make it so horribly good this unconscious mother, so selfish and so luminous as an artist.

But Luz is more than just a song.

She is very well known and loved in our area – she comes often, at least once a year, to give us her voice to love.

And for her, frankly, there’s no need for big sets. No need for lighting effects. No need for rhythms that shake you up.
No, no, Luz’s voice is enough to fill you with her sweetness – with her sorrow too, a beautiful sorrow, a contained sorrow, which there, just underneath her words, with her deep and warm voice.

She doesn’t need words, Luz Casal.
And certainly doesn’t need mine.

Just sit back – watch her come and then let her work her miracle. She is a magician of music, a kind of fairy that passes by from time to time – how can you deprive yourself of her? It’s unimaginable.

Am I going to tell you that with Luz Casal on stage, I will want to imagine things in virtual reality?
That I will see her in a game?
If I said that I would lie.
Luz Casal doesn’t need anything at all. A microphone maybe – a room in the dark and that’s enough.

So, tonight it was Luz, Luz, one of the most beautiful lights in Spain for this December 4th, when the night goes down so fast, when the cold creeps under the doors, when children dream of presents.

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Featured Image : Luz Casal – isn’t she so beautiful ?

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      1. Yes, Victoria Abril of course, Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas who all climbed the ladder of fame and fortune thanks to Almodóvar…my greetings my friend and all the best. Have a lovely weekend 😊

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