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In full infantile regression, I will take the pretext of the month of December and the little chocolate of the day to excuse the fact that I find myself with a video game from the age of 3.

So Unravel is a cute game – very cute.
Solo you’re a kind of failed pompom that the developers have named Yarny: they’re little woolly beings.

It’s a platform game: in short, you run, jump, slide, fall, jump and there are enemies to prevent you from making your jumps. The bastards.


It’s a puzzle game: otherwise, until you find the solution, you’re stupidly stuck in your level. Fortunately, other players have kindly posted all the solutions on the net.

In the first opus, you were a solitary – and so sad – (no, I’m just saying that for fun) pelota, but solitary and reeled up pelota means that you found yourself reeled up at the slightest opportunity.
In Unravel 2, there are two of you – and you’re inextricably linked by a knot that you can’t untie – it seems that this knot symbolizes friendship, but yes, we don’t joke about concepts in video games.

As a result, you won’t find yourself completely unwound. On the other hand, your partner can drag you into a bag of knots that you can’t get out of. Can you feel it, the ultimate loose? You know, those moments so much fun that you spent trying to untangle: the tinsel lights – the damn wires behind the TV with the landline phone, the game consoles, the internet box, all the funny things you bought to have a good sound, more memory for your games, seeing the Pal/Secam videos from when we were young, the pretty lamp that your aunt Adele gave you and that you have to keep, it makes her so happy …. Here it is: you relive it in Unravel 2.
And it’s not at all annoying.

When your partner is the AI of the game, it’s still on.
But when your partner is sitting next to you, because it’s a two-players game, it starts to get a lot funkier.

I confess right away: I didn’t try to play with two and I won’t do it. However, I have witnessed scenes of friendship that were quite virile and where the boys insulted each other copiously.
But since you can’t untie the bond of friendship, well, you go on as a couple – and your eyes are more on what your partner is trying to do than on what you’re doing yourself: so you fall into all the holes and traps and … you go on being funky.

In short, it’s a game that will really test your ability to empathize, be patient and love your neighbor. That’s why I won’t test it.

As for Altair – this is why I am interested in this game:
In Unravel 2 you can pull ropes from your body to use it as a trampoline, to rappel, to swing or to climb up an obstacle. The great peculiarity is that the links cannot be cut. You will not do the cheating trick of Alexander the Great, and your sword – which you do not have – would not cut anything. Two of you are, two of you will stay. Any detour of objects becomes a complex matter, for example, when a lever is activated on one side while the other character is dodging an obstacle. There are levels, with increasing difficulty and mostly made up of puzzles to solve. Then you can – again – put a penny aside to offer me an extended stay in the lunatic asylum – or you can come with me: because, no kidding, when I see this way of playing and I know the contemporary circus artists, I know, as the nut of the village I am, that you can so easily adapt this game on a stage.
And since the game is short – it adapts even more easily.

And – without wanting to insist either – with that, I get such beautiful Virtual Reality sequences.
How about, virtual with your sweet friend, and you’re both stuck with your rope, in the funny Unravel style twists and turns imagined by circus artists?
You won’t have finished unravelling, rewinding, annoying each other as surely –
And again, you “play” without killing anyone (except maybe your partner who has an amazing gift for making knots out of nothing).

It’s Virtual Reality from 3 years old – yes, okay, maybe a little older – and that achieves the goal: video games and derivative shows in all possible ways.

And if you annoy me, I’m launching an e.sport tournament for the little ones, and we’ll see if it won’t be funny – I say it will be very funny too.

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Featured Image : Unravel 2 – by Coldwood InteractiveThe game is published by Electronic Arts (the famous: EA Games) – but the game is developed by this independent Swedish studio – but yes, that’s where the golden nuggets are.

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