“We say

See you soon

“The future is not fear, the future is desire.” Patrice Chéreau

For the moment, L’Archipel, National Stage of Perpignan remains closed to the public until further notice, pending a point set by the government on January 7th.

The show Une femme se déplace will therefore not be able to take place on January 6th and 7th, we are working on a postponement for next season: you can now contact the ticketing team about your tickets already bought.

The cultural rights that are so dear to us being ignored and artists silenced, be aware that L’ Archipel, like many cultural places, is a signatory of the referendum for the reopening of theatres.

Finally, we inform you that tomorrow Saturday, December 19th, a demonstration at the initiative of the professionals of the show business, in the form of a “colorful, absurd and cynical masked ball” will take place at 2:30 pm at Place de la République in Perpignan: a gathering in support of Culture. “

These are the words of my comrades to our audience. The “back office” news are. …too many walls on my head in a single day

I can’t play tonight.
Later on, I will go with them. I need them to regain faith, courage, trust. Then I’ll come back and talk to you about the things that go through my head for this theatre that makes me dream.

Je vous embrasse – portez-vous bien, prenez soin de vous, riez pour moi.

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