L’Etoile de Noël

Programming / theme & virtual reality

L’Etoile de Noël can be translated as : The Christmas Star – but, for me, will you forgive me ? , I prefer the French sound.

December 21 will be an exceptional day.

I can’t miss the opportunity to talk about it.
On December 21, you and I will have the almost unique opportunity to see the Christmas Star as almost no other Human has seen it.

Astronomy, Legend and Tales : how to miss it? We will see, with the naked eye, an immense “Star of the Shepherd”, you know, the one that, it is said, indicated to the Three Kings that it was time to set out on the road.
I don’t know if you say “Star of the Shepherd” – but I think you see which star I’m talking about.

From a serious astronomer’s point of view – it is the close alignment – for us – of Jupiter and Saturn – that will make us believe that the star has become immense.

From the point of view of the legend – all right, it is Christian, but Christmas is a Christian feast – this star will have been the guide of the Kings, and will have allowed them to travel the long road that will lead them, on the day of Epiphany, to the cradle’s bedside.

As for the stories related to the Shepherd’s Star, there are so many. Just plunge into the Arab tales and you will see that this star saved many sailors, many caravans that were lost in the desert.

Can you imagine that? On the night of the Shepherd’s Star – the night of the Solstice – an extract from The Life of Galileo – just an extract, the whole piece is badly done, it’s not ‘great Brecht’ – all right, it’s totally vandalized what I’m saying there. Frankly, you know what I think about people who have such a reverence for “the master piece” that they become unbearable of reverence ?
So just the best excerpts from this piece.
An adaptation of Sinbad the Sailor.
An aerial circus show, where the artists catch the stars.
A Virtual Reality experience where we, too, will take the stars with our hands – and if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to give the star you love to the person you love.

When I tell you that current Virtual Reality content is pathetic, when there’s nothing to do to find exhilarating content.
Which one of us hasn’t dreamed like a kid while sitting in a planetarium?
Do you want me to tell you how many video games are created to “conquer the stars”? We still have a golden opportunity – so let’s seize it.

I even, I think, found the video game that would work perfectly well: it’s Outer Wilds.
If you look at the trailer, you’ll see that it starts, at random, with a guy playing the banjo – no, I didn’t choose that game. Actually, I did, of course.

Then, on the trailer, it looks quite simple and cute.
The principle is simple: you’re going to visit all the stars, all the planets you can find.
I’ve seen a totally psychedelic world played, where you find yourself, without asking for anything, right in the middle of Interstellar, and you’re lost in a black hole – no explanation, you have to find your way by yourself.
Fortunately, there are stars to guide you.

Well – it’s true that my young people “video game alert ma’am” all told me that this wasn’t a game for me and that I was going to get lost pitifully in the sidereal meanders of this game of the stars. But they love it – and I watched others get lost. I was lost in 45 seconds, just by watching them.

But since I’m interested in this game, I’m going to take a closer look at it and as soon as I can, see what Altair might have to offer with it.

So much for the scum who have nothing else to do in life but spit out their tiny tiny hatreds.

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  1. I am wishing for your heath and happiness too!!!!
    I like the relevance to the stories of the stars and this “outer wilds” (i have never seen this)
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful mind, once again!!


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