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Communication / The AA APP.

Back to the elaboration of my famous AA App.

So: an App based on sharing photos/videos of shows, found in all the declinations of Altair: in real life, in virtual reality, in video games

& associated with the idea of the game: with the combinations of words and/or emoticons that are out of line with the show (I’ll come back to this soon)

I was missing a little something to attract my target audience, my favourite audience, my misanthropic players.

I found the idea in the last Plants vs. Zombies not only, all right, all right – I’m not playing now, I’m working – : it’s the principle of achievement/success and the road to different successes and challenges.

If you’re a regular at the consoles, you know what I’m talking about.

Basically, a success in a video game (since they’re all played via the internet now, with the boxes) is to achieve something that other players have almost not done: in Unravel 2, it will be to complete a level in an ultra-limited time. Or to have identified all the hidden levels. Or or, or, it depends solely on the imagination of the developers.

Achievements – Fallout 4 – Bethesda

This principle of success is now found in all video games (okay, almost all of them).
That means it’s a very well-known principle to my target audience – there’s no need to explain it to them.
And because the principle works, it means – like that, en passant – that it’s a great way to build audience loyalty.

In the latest PvsZ, the developers have added a kind of path, obviously very visual, that will gently lead you to a huge game bonus.
It would look like a psychedelic Goose game path, with boxes to reach, to get – very slowly, after hours of playing – to the goal.

Plants vs Zombies

What’s interesting is that video game success is “transparent” – no, that’s a wrong term. It’s cheap : you get a kind of cup, or a diamond – with the title of the success – it goes on your player profile. And then that’s it.

The “big” games like Halo have improved the principle, and you now have collections of decorations :

So, apart from thinking about naming these successes and predicting the conditions for obtaining them, this success doesn’t cost the developers anything and brings them a lot of players – more than that, it brings them a lot of players over time – this is a totally fundamental point when you look at the video game industry, which dissociates it from other entertainment industries: you have to keep the player as long as possible.

In PvsZ, the developers have added a game bonus, so you can, after hours of hard work, get the new legendary skin, which will then never be available again. This principle is not new either.
These are the players who have been properly phished for – and quite delighted to be able to show off in their legendary skin, which visually proves that they are game elders, bosses, legends. The path to this legendary appearance is quite entertaining and allows the players to stay in the game for a very long time without getting desperate, as they see themselves advancing.

Since my English is pathetic, I come to the point where I wonder if it’s okay, if you’re still with me?

If you are, thank you.

What does all this have to do with my pretty AA App?

In fact, it’s obvious now.

Suppose you have this App.
You’ve just seen a show – very classical and all, let’s say Folia – in Altair.
You’ve taken a splendid picture of yourself in the hall, with the set, under an orange light.
You post this picture on AA App.
You add a pawnword that is in the closed list (given by the App): for example, pumpkin.

Folia, a very pumpkin-like show, incredible orange colors in the set, I loved it.
Other users like your sentence, they vote for your sentence, you get your stars-altair as a reward. (or some other system – hola, I’m working on this thing)

It was your last word on the list of the month, you won the rare success: making a relevant compliment with a stupid word.

Now, if I add the principle of the Goose game, I come up with something that can become more addictive – it suits me, because that’s the point.

If I stay in the “gifts” given by the games (in the spirit of those gifts), I should be fine, as long as I have in mind (but I do) that Altair is dual and has an Altair-Twin part, where my viewer/player/applicator? has a character that allows him to walk around in AT. (yes I’m a girl whose ideas cost bundles of gemstones – but those ideas still make sense).
So what do I offer, me Altair/Altair-Twin, to my rare winners of my monthly Game of the goose? a skin for Altair Twin.

If this appearance is consistent with the game of the year – which will be planned for, and/or with the major game of the month related to shows, then my players will be ecstatic.
And I’ve further amplified the link between Altair and video games.

If I’m not there yet – let’s say all the gaming companies don’t want to – I can still stay in the spirit of the games, without using their “skins” too explicitly – and my audience will always be ecstatic.

But at the end of the century, I’m betting: in Altair Twin you’ll see players from all games walking around – and going from one game to another, from one show to another, from one virtual experience to another, in those famous skins they’ve worked so hard to win & that they can’t show enough. Altair Twin, I remind you, is designed to become a kind of Steam in 3D.

And these hits are available to the viewer through the AA App, with its various show-based mini-games that Altair offers.

You’ll tell me I didn’t think about the old guys? People who don’t play?
But yes – this app doesn’t require you to be a space pro-gamer, or even have real gaming skills – it’s below the Candy Crush level in gameplay.
And : people who don’t play will be able to enter Altair Twin with the basic appearance – just like in any game.
And : people who …. gna gna gna gna … will be able to call the theatre’s ticket office to reserve their seats, or go in with their feet – but what do you want me to say about people who don’t use the Applications or their computers? They will use their voice, their legs, it’s a “no problem”.

On the other hand, no theatre does nothing for players – and does nothing but boring stuff to die on its own branch when it comes to Applications.

So we will do something for this audience.
I think I can adapt all the games I’ve tested and invented myself to capture a reluctant audience – my ghost game is a must that I’ll tell you about.

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13 Thoughts

  1. I agree.
    The concept of in game achievements are worthy of integration in any “future” technologies. They do require extra work but in my humble opinion , are worth every effort.That engagement factor is modern day re-play-ability, rather than cheap gimmicks and dancing characters that just say “good job”. Giving the audience something they can use is much more rewarding for the “player”, or consumer.
    I also agree that the “gemstones” are in high demand for this project. I can only wish a smart investor could charter this voyage into a dreamland…not to mention potentially very successful.
    I am anxious to read of this fabled “ghost game” concept.
    As always, I wish the very best and most comfortable clouds of well being for you!
    The dream is a b**** but “old dogs” can learn new tricks, I don’t care what “they” say!!!!

    Much love and admiration,


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    1. πŸ™‚ Merci !!!! DziΔ™kujΔ™! Thanks a lot !!!! well… I’m doing pure piracy actually, taking the stuff that works in games. What I don’t understand is why didn’t other entertainment industries do it? My ghost game, it’s awesome (and I flatter myself, but seriously, it works like hell) – but I need to think about how to easily adapt it for an application. I’m working on it, I’m working on it…… pffff πŸ˜€

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      1. So far so good mon belle niΓ¨ce despite a bit of concern for a while with high BP. Luckily done and over with in 2020 πŸ˜ŠπŸ™

        Had some fun time with children and their visiting friends. Now they have gone for the new year celebrations together to a beach town.

        Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow πŸ’–πŸ€—πŸ’–

        Happy new year πŸ₯³ and lots of love πŸ’•

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