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Tunak Tunak Tun is an absolute antidote to sadness – or it will have the opposite effect – you never know, with antidotes, after all. If you feel it’s making you crack in the wrong direction, turn it off – it’s the last day of the year 2020, I’d hate to hurt anyone.

This music came into my life through this wonderful invention of the internet geeks: the “meme“.

That’s why I wanted to talk about it today.
I won’t give you the history of the genesis of meme on the Internet – but I will keep in mind the perspective of my target audience: it should not be considered quite like the others.

So I came across Tunak Tunak Tun completely by chance – thanks to all the memes created from this video.

As you can see, switching from the meme to the original is obviously very easy.

Tunak Tunak Tun – Gif – Daler Mehndi

And then I’m amazed: I learn that this song dates back to 98, that the singer is a kind of idol for young people in India, and that he obviously has a lot of other songs in his repertoire.

I confess that I did my “basic French” in the first seconds of the song. And then this guy has a terrible smile, an even more terrible way of dancing and in the end I laughed and listened again.

and you see…. the “meme power” works, Tunak Tunak Tun has 144M views

It’s also because of the “memes” of the geeks that I know Altair can work beyond all rational expectations. Geeks are people with an absolute side: they either love or hate or don’t care at all – but they talk – they exchange – they communicate – they scour the internet like others scour the earth for treasures and they share those treasures.

You will tell me that they are also very capable of bringing down the theatre: it is quite true.
They will do it without mercy if the theatre takes them for idiots.
That’s why I like geeks and the spirit of the internet.

In any case, thanks to them for having globalized this Indian singer, Daler Mehndi, who is just amazing to shatter all the worries of everyday life, we don’t care, we sing, we dance and moreover with clothes so shimmering that it’s too much envy.

Okay, and then again: I have a big weakness for people who smile while dancing.

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Featured Image : one of the most famous meme on the internet : Pain Harold

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        1. 😀 you thank me, I thank you, you thank me again, then me? necessarily I thank you – if you want we continue and we invent the meme of the infinite thanks 🙂 … and… of course : thank you !


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