Are you vintage ?

Okay, everything I’m about to talk about shouldn’t have anything to do with a theatre.
At least in a normal theatre, it shouldn’t.

But we don’t want a normal theatre, really.

We want a place where the wonderful is stronger than the normal.

From that point on, what don’t we like in a theatre? Waiting.
Being outside and having nothing to do.
Watching adults talking about very serious subjects.
Having your calves crawl into your thighs from standing.

And above all, arriving in a place that looks as much like a train station lobby as it does a theatre box office.

Anyway, anyway…

So we could think about installing attractions to pass the time – we always wait: we wait for our children because the play ends later than planned, we wait for your friends who aren’t there, we wait at the entre’acte, we wait for a taxi a car a tram

So something has to be done.

What ?

Instead of having stuff that everyone else has, we could go back to the old “children of the ball” methods…

We could set up one of those amazing rides where you just sit back, think everything’s going to be fine and then…

When the whistle blows : pedal is the rule

Yes they do.

Yes yes yes, everybody pedals!

Antique fairground attractions have two advantages:
1. they are incredible for us

2. they work mechanically.

As a result, they are the ideal counterpoint to a theatre that relies on modern entertainment.

All these ideas, we picked them up in Paris, at the Musée des Arts Forains. Here’s a glimpse:

Automatons that tell you the future, mechanical horse racing, the very Parisian race of the waiters, the very oriental crystal ball, chandeliers outside….

In a word: the magic of the show.

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Featured Image : Musée des Arts Forains – Paris Bercy

And with another word: yes I know, I’m giving away an old article. But it’s topical, isn’t it to recycle?

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  1. Très bel endroit, plein de mystère et digne d’un grand film de thriller. A visiter de préférence en hiver avec le brouillard dans les cours extérieurs et les brazeros allumés qui en ajoutent au frisson.

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