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Altair, a so lovely & cute & amazing theatre in which... well; okay, all right – I have to say that it’s not the “performing arts” side that attracts people when I talk about Altair.

It’s its side: Innovations – & I’m inaugurating today, with great pomp and circumstance, this specific tab in the search menu.

If I were to go to Italy, as I was preparing to do last year, that’s the aspect I would highlight.

So let’s go virtually to Italy – you can come with me, after all we’ve all moved to the virtual side of real life.

First Major Innovation: Virtual Reality experiences.
In short : Come virtually into our shows. Where ? You’ll see .
We only need shows on our stages, and the necessary equipment to capture the data and put it into shape.
This is a creation of content that doesn’t exist yet.
And that only need us to exist.
As there are several types of spectators and several types of shows, it is necessary to offer a range of different virtual experiences, classified according to the sensations they offer you. Necessary ? No – but if I start discussing necessity, then nothing is necessary in this area. On the other hand, not thinking about these different experiences, these different virtual sensations, would necessarily lead to losing 85% of our potential audience. Thus : there will be a range of different virtual experiences.

Second Major Innovation: tournaments.
As long as I hadn’t thought that, okay, my idea of links with video games could be questioned, or seen as a nonsense with no future.
But since I identified this technique to create an absolute -and absolutely strong- link between the world of video games and the world of live entertainment – there’s no longer the shadow of a doubt: the link can be created, it will be created and will be huge.

Third Innovation – for a theatre and a production company: the Application.
I know, applications have been around for a while.
Yes, yes, they have. I’m not denying anything.
However, come and tell me what crazy apps you’ve found in Altair’s registry: shows.
There, nothing at all – the desert – a completely desolate nothingness – quite practical when you have something to invent, by the way. I won’t let go of this bone until I develop a funny, easy and addictive app for the entertainment world.

It’s done to create a continuous link/flow between our spectators and Altair. It will be the gateway to my fourth major innovation: virtual venue theatre = Altair Twin.

Fourth Major Innovation: Altair Twin.
Do you see Steam? Stadia? Epic? All these platforms that allow you to share your games, go in your games, find partners to play online?
Altair Twin is going to be that, with the games that will be partners – the companies… – but in 3D, with access to the games and the contents of our Virtual Reality experiences. That will be it and more – the more, okay, I’m a megalomaniac – still: Altair Twin one day will go to see you inside your games. And that’s just the fun of the century.

It’s so beautiful that it looks like elegant mathematical reasoning.

Which means it’s no longer confusing, messy, or in progress. All the foundations I wanted to lay are laid.

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Featured Image : from Black Sea Digital – a company I…. ‘m interested in.