What is : Altair Twin ?

Altair Twin is the virtual side of Altair.
It will be a company producing virtual shows.

In the twentieth century, people created production companies for the cinema: the theatre “2 D” live, originally. Soon, film-makers realized all the new possibilities offered by these new technologies – and this was the birth of THE MOVIE – and the big – huge – production companies.

It will be the same in the 21st century.

Altair Twin will produce these shows in 3D – alive but “fake” like cinema.
At the beginning, it will be 2D film in 3D.
And the artistic directors will seize these new technologies to invent this new form of show.

And Altair Twin will be, we wish, a huge production company.

Here is the money.

Money that disappears first.
We will have to invest …
The money that comes back next – this pattern has been around for over a century.

But that’s not all.

Altair Twin, to exist, must have an adapted shape.
If we stay “20 ° century mind”, the form will be a Facebook page and a Twitter account. It is objectively nil and inappropriate.

So here is the shape that Altair Twin will have :

It will be a virtual theatre.
In which users can enter.

This is our ongoing work with Epitech.

Users will be able to sit down and watch a show.
They can go on stage and watch the show from every angle.
They will be able to participate when the creative ones have found the way to make them participate
  – and that’s where we rely on the association between creators of live show and creators of video games. Because video games’creators have millions of ideas to engage players / spectators.

We will enter Altair Twin as we enter a game: through its door.
And so everyone will have their character ….
This can be standard.
– this option is reasonable and does not entertain me at all.
This could be related to online video games … (that means they would move their line ‘everything is ours, nothing comes out’) – and the player could arrive with his favourite character.
It could be a mix between the two. Everyone does not have to like video games …

Ubisoft virtual Theatre : we want to provide them our shows.

Inside, we will be in the hall – with the ticket office to buy the place.
We can either win the place – as in a game – or buy it, always like in a game: we buy extensions, skins, stuff – and a place.

Obviously, it will not be expensive, since we have no limited number of places.
Once past the hall, we will have access to:

The rooms &

Behind the stages
At the control room
At the lighting control
To the technical parts
At the lodges
At the offices
At the relaxation areas …

I think that we can reasonably propose to the players / spectators to have fun with the sound and light management.
With the technical facilities etc.

If we rely on systems like the one currently used by online games, with a “multiplayer” and a “solo” parts, we can offer both ways of access.
Solo, access to all the technique.
In multi, access to the room – and why not eventually to the technical parts, but with missions to achieve.
Above all, there will be a way to see the show, without additions, and a way to play in the theatre.
It’s virtual, so it must be fun …

The interesting thing is that the shows will change to the rhythm of Altair’s programming. So there will always be novelties.

Then you have to manage the hall.

At first, we propose the simplest: access the room and technical rooms, choosing its “game mode”.
Later, it could be a lot of fun to use this part of the hall where we find a whole community to achieve what the FB Horizon is trying to do: a huge virtual living room … in 3D

Do I need to point out how much this achieved will put Altair Twin at the top?

I have another thing to explain – it will be a next post: how to get this virtual audience to fill Altair Twin?

I gave 1001 clues
… In any case, we all know here that internet alone is not enough. We have to search the audience where the audience is.

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              It’s very easy to do. With a bun that comes out of the oven, you take 3 kilos !!! 😀

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